Date: 04-01-2003





Simply, Extract sithduke.pk3 to you Base folder
located in you Jedi Knight Directory.

Typically Here:

(C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base)

-=]File Info[=-

Based on a Reborn...and yes ANOTHER REBORN! hehe!

This is my Very n00bish attempt at creating a skin that suited me :D!
On the face you may notice facial art colour scheme resembling Archangel's Character.
The head and hood are where the detail lies if you can call it detail lol!
I am still adding to it so please only constructive critisism! Any techniques
that would be usefull let me know!

Developer name: -=]SITHDUKE[=-

Clan Website:


-=]Kudo Notes[=-

Decorated hood with flame patterns and noticable Deep yellow eyes. I have
Also made the saber hilt used the actual reborn saber hilt used in Single Player.

Its Supposed to be a mean looking sith reborn skin.
Whether you think i have failed or succeeded i realy only done
this just for me so i wasnt aiming for realism!