Born Again & Errm

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By Aidy
Date: 03-30-2003




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File Name(1) : born again.pk3 (Alladin taunts/sounds)
File Name(2) : Errm.pk3 (Kusco taunts/sounds)

Installation :
Just place in base folder as normal - remove to uninstall. Simple!

And why......?

It started one night whilst I was making a reskin of reborn, and my 7 year old
niece&nephew were watching Alladin in the same room as me, listening to iago (The parrot)
I thought how good some of the things he comes out with would work well as taunts!
I was a little drunk at the time too I must admit!

Then it carried on from there, Kusco(?) from Emperors New Groove had to be next!
After remembering how comical I thought he was!

Hope you all enjoy them, when I find something as funny I will taunt it too.