Turner (0.96)

By H1~~
Date: 07-17-2013
Version: 0.96




me: Turner
Filename: skJOturner.pk3
Updated contents: 2012, Jun-21, 07:47 A.M.
Updated readme: 2013, May 30, 12:15 A.M.
Author: H1~~
Homepage: http://unprofiled.net/
Xfire Author: 0xFFFFFFFF
eMail Author: unprofiled@gmail.com
Overall Overview:
After noticing how much of a good fit the Indiana Jones model for Jedi Outcast was for makin' a photo-realistic interpretation of the Player from ZZT (don't ask) I figured I'd just take some time out and make this out of his original player model...
Turner is a bold Adventurer... ready and willing to face any challenge of mental determination, quick thinking, and thinking outside of the box all at the same time... with more than his fair share of Romance... a good sense of humor about it all... and not far from Sharpshooter skills with a Standard-Class Adventurer's Pistol to boot.
Supported Features:
alt-skins featured: No
teamskins support included: Yes
NPC support included: No
bot support included: Yes
shaders for textures: Yes
shaders for icon: No
model sounds: Yes
Install Instructions:
Unzip this package and place the .pk3 file in your base directory (which should be a subdirectory of your Jedi Outcast directory).
This should load up with Jedi Outcast and be working next time you start Jedi Outcast.
This will not work on a 'pure server' unless that server also has it installed (because it is a mod)...
This should work with other mods if those mods do not also replace any material that this mod features...
Credits to:
Goldwave digital audio editor, for sound edits
Paint Shop Pro 8 (for textures)
TGATool (company named something named geisswerks?) for Alpha-Channel Transparency (PSP8's only limitation I've had so far... is with Alpha Channels... and saving files with them appropriately... )
IrfanView for reviewing the overall look of textures
Microsoft Windows Notepad utility, for script files etc.
PakScape (for making the .pk3, what else?)
Raven software for Jedi Knight 2 and its game assets
Tim Sweeney and Epic Megames but more importantly ZZT's regular player community over the last more than two decades
Major Clod for his Indiana Jones player model in JO
Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Blade Runner films for sound effects used in the original model...
Permissions for use and distribution:
You may distribute this freely,
01. to anyone
02. in any place, offline or online, hard-copy or digitally
03. at any time
You may NOT distribute this,
01. in a manner to make it appear to be something that it is not
02. for monetary gain, directly or indirectly, by itself or as part of a commercially distributed compilation
03. as part of any advertising or any other sort of promotions for commercial products/services
You may use this to make further creations if and only if you,
01. meet all conditions on 'permissions for use and distribution' that this work has attributed from other work itself used in the creation of this work (if applicable)
02. give full author credit to me for any and all of my own work on this
03. include my full 'author name' when crediting me for my own work on this

These conditions should also apply fully to further works made using this work.
Other works that are further made using this work may add their own conditions,
but must maintain these conditions for the part of the work that is done by me,
and whatever part of the work here is done by others before me (if applicable).
If I happen to change my general policy on 'permissions for use and distribution' for these sorts of works,
I hold no obligation to update the 'README' documentation, meaning it will be the file(s) user's responsiblity to be aware of any changes.
However should I make any said changes to my general policy on 'permissions for use and distribution'
I will probably (but not obligatorily) provide news on my own website (if my website is available) about it so as to avoid confusion.
Unless it is an unofficial, smaller-scale distribution (i.e. merely sending the file to a friend for them to check out and get to use), this 'README' documentation
must be included when distributing this work and/or any further works made using this work... so that any and all who obtain this work can be aware of these conditions.

If you need an exception to this, eMail me, and if your case is valid I may grant an exception...
Unless I grant said exception in writing these conditions should stand fully.