Will Riker TNG

By AtomAtti
Date: 03-19-2003




Developer : AtomAtti
Mail : atom_atti@yahoo.com
Skin(s) : Commander William Riker in TV series-like red-black uniform
Base model(s) : chess /i think/
CTF Support : yes
Bot Support : no
Description : This is Commander William Riker from Star Trek New Generation TV series. I made it from Jimmy Iu's Riker skin, because
his skin was dressed up with the uniform from the Movie, so I put the skin of the TV series on Picard. This uniform was from
Tommy "Jedi Kain" Frey's skin, only riker_torso.jpg was used. I put in a new icon and team support too. I hope you'll like it.

Installation : copy to "jk2/gamedata/base" directory