DJ -- Imperial Worker Re-Skin

By *JKO*DeviousJoe
Date: 11-11-2005





Creator: *JKO*DeviousJoe (

To install:
Simply extract the file 'Bespin orbit.PK3' to the 'base' folder, situated in lucasarts: JediKnight2: gamedata: base

About: I think this is the first re-skin of the Imperial Worker model, so congrats to me. :)
It isnt a big change to the original Imperial Worker im aware, I didn't really want to change much because it
wouldn't be the skin I originally liked, the skin is named and made for myself, by myself, it took approx. 3 hours
to do, maybe nothing special, but I think the taunt significantly makes up for that (I wont say much about it,
we'll keep it a suprise).

Details: Made the original Imperial worker more dirty and grotty, gave him red boots and one red glove, a nice
big 'DJ' sign on the back with paint dripping from it, some weird gunge dripping from his mouth, and my
clan tag across the helmet, oh, and a green neck... not sure why... ah well, enjoy, oh, also there are no team
colours which I regret, but maybe I'll release a second edition.

*Special thanks to the clan which tested out the skin*

~This Modification is not Distributed by Lucas Arts or Raven Games~