Failed Munchkin

By ReDWasK
Date: 11-22-2003




File : FailedMunchkin
Author : ReDWasK
Bot : yep
Team Support : yep
New Sounds : of course

Description: The long overdue skin for fellow JotR member
Failed Munchkin. I should point out quickly, that being a 1.02
based clan, I wasn't able to remove the vest or accessories
without running into major problems (as opposed to the numreous
Jan skins out there that can do so, namely because they're based
in 1.04). I don't see any reason why someone other than Munchkin
can't use it, so enjoy. Also, as is my understanding, you can
use JK2 skins/models in JKA, so have fun.

Props: The author of nude_jan, i borrowed the skin/arm textures
from that, and the other of the Jan roses series, from which
I borrowed a thong

How to: Stick this badboy in your base folder.