SLK Krethfyre clan skin

By Krethfyre
Date: 06-24-2003




SLK Krethfyre clan skin


AIM:Saif Blade

Installation: Just extract the zip file into your base folder.

Comments: Well, I am not an experienced skinner, but I say this skin I made looks nice! I really like the cloaking, though, it was tough at times. Always making small screw ups making the skin files not reading some files, it was tiring going back and forth changing the skin files. Oh yeah, the shaders were a pain, make sure you know how to write the shader. If you choose the cloaking there are messages there, in l337 though hehe. You can read it if you're bored from the original .jpg file. I hope you will have fun using my SLK clan skin. Enjoy!

Bot support: No

Team colors: YES (with cloakable team colors too)

Special thanks: I'd like to thank the SLK clan for well, me being in their clan hehe. Also, special thanks goes to the Autocept cloakable skins thread. Without that thread, I would not have known how to make this skin. The thread is at in "mapping and skinning". Thankyou.