Cloaked JL Trooper

By Master Jediael
Date: 06-02-2003




Cloaked JL Trooper

Installation: You must be running jk2 1.4 update to use this skin

You have 2 options to select skins. First just use menu or bind the keys.

as normal extract c_jltrooper.pk3 to
your gamedata\base directory.
Once in the game, open up your console and enter
these two lines:

for uncloaked type bind u model jltrooper/defaut
for cloaked type bind j model c_jltrooper/default
Change the bind keys as you wish to suit your needs.

File Info: Support for all game modes. No bot support as of yet.

Activating: u = Uncloaked
j = Cloaked

Make sure, you entered the bind exactly as they are above in the
installation section.

Info: This is only my second skin. I took the basic shadowtrooper skin added new color.
Added personal JL tuant. Made trooper stay cloaked with no light shifting for more stealth.
Made custom team colors aewsome red and blue. Fixed bind so model now binds like normal models in ffa.

Has Bot support!!!

TFFA support and CFT support now works.

Known Bugs: All players other than, reborn, luke and desann have a cloaked
saber. Binds only work in ffa not team games, you must select model from menu.
if anyone knows how to fix these issuses, let me know or [BP]DarkAngel! Please :)

You must put all custom sabers both in your base and mod folders to see them or have them cloaked correctly.

Reminder: Only those that have the skin, will see you cloak, otherwise they
will see a normal Kyle skin. If the server you are on has Deffering
of player models until death switched on, then you wont be able to
cloak until you die (or uncloak).

Developer: New JL skin & team colors, design, personal JL tuant and permanent cloaking wihtout light shift by MASTER JEDIAEL(JL).,
Cloaking plus Cloak and decloak sounds by [BP]DarkAngel,,

Thanks: A special thanks goes to [BP]DarkAngel who without his help this skin would not have been possible :)