Chrome JL clan skin

By Master Jediael
Date: 05-27-2003




Chrome JL clan skin

Installation: You must be running jk2 1.4 update to use this skin

First just as normal extract chromejl.pk3 to
your gamedata\base directory.
Once in the game, open up your console and enter
select chromejl skin.

File Info: Support for all game modes. Has bot support as well.

Default and team colors.

Info: This is my first skin. I took the basic reborn skin chromed it and added new color.
Added personal JL tuant. Added JL Pic on Reborns leg and put J&L in each palm. Also JL
on bottom of shoes as well. See if you can find them :)

TFFA support and CFT support now works.

Known Bugs: None :)

Reminder: Only those that have the skin, will see you, otherwise they
will see a normal Kyle skin.

Developer: Entire Chrome JL skin, logo, design, personal JL tuant by MASTER JEDIAEL(JL).,