-=[DK]=-Trudis skin

By -=[DK]=-Voltar
Date: 05-23-2003




-=[DK]=-Trudis skin

well, you guessed it: another reborn skin.

you've got to give me credit for at least not putting that silly sash-thing in it though.

this is the skin -=[DK]=-Trudis asked me to make for him in one night. he wanted a silver reborn thing so i came up with this.

cut and dry, put this puppy in your GameData/base folder and enjoy the Strong Bad sounds (from the popular internet cartoon cult, Homestar Runner (www.homestarrunner.com).

thanks brothers chap for the cool Strong Bad voice.

new sounds, team support, and no bot support.

thank you,
Chris Catone (-=[DK]=-Voltar[JAS])