LotF Kal

Date: 03-24-2003




This is not intended to be a fun skin for everyone to download, its just intended to be fun for me to use. It is my clan skin.
I am, along with Metal, leading LotF. It is run on Omni Mod 1.5, and we have alot of fun on our server. Come by sometime:)

Do not distribute any of the files in this zip or the zip itself for money. Do not modify my skin and distribute it without giving me credit.

I'm working on a map and model, so as soon as I get the full version of Milk shape and a proper working mapping program, I'll start. I plan on making a Crono (from crono trigger) model.

Extract the LotF-Kal.pk3 file to your gamedata/base folder to install. Then go play jk2 and you should see the icons.

I'd like to give credit to the guy who made the Heir of Palpatine Luke skin. I learned how to make arms like the ones on my skin by looking at his skins arms.

Made by -[LotF]-Master Kal-LFM- Email is Kal78660@lycos.com