By -=[DK]=-Voltar
Date: 03-12-2003




this is the -=[DK]=-Voltar skin, as used by -=[DK]=-Voltar (that's me)

it's based off of the reborn/boss and uses a pic of my face instead of the default reborn and i changed some colors, textures and sounds.

i also put the Dark Knights initials on there and a big stupid looking V (lol). it has team-support but not bot-support.

enjoy it and see what i look like when you run into me on a server


put .pk3 into your base folder

created by Chris Catone, currently in the Dark Knights clan with the nick: Voltar.

give credit if you use parts (especially my face, lol).

it's just the wire frame of the reborn, but the extra touches are mine.