By [T]Thetics
Date: 02-17-2003




Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Thetics, Tenken Clan Skin
Model Name: "thetics"

Author: [T]Thetics
Base Model: Shadowtrooper
Skins: All skins modified by Thetics


Special Thanks: Id like to thank first off, Grim... thank you so much for dealing with my crap and
actually pulling through and getting that shader done for me! Thanks so much Grim!
Id also like to thank IceFlame for his support and constant driving for me to finish
this skin. :) I would also like to thank my wonderful clan Tenken for inspiration! You
guys rock!

Concept: Based on the original shadowtrooper.. or how i would have designed him anyway :p

Clan Forum:


If you care to disect the skin you may find a secert.. or two in this case, nothing big but its something ;)
Also be sure to keep an eye out for version two with more goodies! Or perhaps even an upgrade pk3 :)

*Programs used ******
*Adobe Photoshop 6.0*
*Winzip 8.1 *
*ModView *


This skin, whole or in part are not to be modified, repackaged, or redistributed without the
express permision of it's creator.


Place this pk3 file from this zip archive into the JKII/gamedata/base/ directory

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