Seifer Almasy

By Jollander
Date: 08-30-2004




Skin's Name : Seifer Almasy
Author : Jollander
Email Address :
Date : 12-08-04
Game : JK2 (Not tested in JKA)
Bots : Yea! And it wasnt easy to fix either...
Team skins : Yes, though not traditional red and blue.
New Sounds : No, but if i update ill probably record some sounds myself. (Quoting him from the game ofcourse.) I tried yesterday actually but i suck too much. If anyone reading this happens to be a male voice actor, email me!

Description : Seifer Almasy from Final Fantasy 8. Default skin is normal seifer. Red skin is Seifer stained with someone elses blood. Blue skin is Seifer with leather'ish clothes.
Original Skin : The NaxRalv skin based on the Dante skin (i think)
Known Bugs : The cape isnt visible from the front, you see right through it. (Someone help me!)

extract the pk3 to your JK2 base folder

Oh and this isnt bla bla official bla bla lucasarts bla bla copyright bla bla. (Yeah i said it)