Link add on

By [JHC]Zenayi
Date: 09-17-2003




Star Wars Jedi Knight II:Jedi Outcast

Skin Name: Link Add-on
What The Skin Is: Link, with a Black, Grey, and Lighter Blue Tunic, and Fierce Diety, with just a Black tunic. This skin is meant to be an addition to Link (3.0).
Author: [JHC]Zenayi
Sounds:No new ones. (The ones that came with the Link 3.0 Model)
Bot Support: Yessir.
Team Colors: Yep Yep. (Default=Black, Red=Grey, Blue=Lighter Blue)
Thankies To: [JHC]Kinectic, for helping me with so much. I couldn't do this without him. (He helped me make the red icons.)
Dan Kapphahn, for making such an awsome model. Oh, and all of the JHC clan. And Liam. For being there. ;D You rock.

Bugs: None that I know of. O_O

Notes: I wanted to make a wider selection of Link, and I thought about Super Smash Brothers Melee.
I knew I had to make him have a black and grey tunic.
The light blue was..just..there. 'Cause I ran out of ideas. And I couldn't just make 2 skins, Defualt, and Red. Yeah.
(Note in A Note: This is my first skin. >_< Try not to flame me to hard, or I'll cry.)
Installation: Unzip to the base folder.

Programs used To make this skin: PhotoImpressions 2000. This program is mainly used to touch up photos.
Which is why it was so much harder to make this skin then all of you people with Adobe,
and other programs like that.

For all that other Mumbo Jumbo, refer to model_readme.txt