Super Mario Skin

By Kuro Hou
Date: 08-15-2003




Mario Skin
by Kuro Hou aka Torin Forst

About the skin:

Everyone knows Mario, star of the popular Super Mario Bros. games.
I've always been a big fan of his and I figured why not bring him to JK2.
He looks cartoony, but he's supposed to. I will admit that it's not perfect on
the "skin" category, but I doubt you will be able to keep from laughing at the sounds.
Bot and Team support is included. (Blue and Default are the same, Red is Fire Mario)


Installation Instructions

Place the Mario.pk3 file into your gamedata/base directory.
Simple, yet effective, much like the author.


Not much else here except thanks: To lucasarts and raven soft for creating a great game,
to for hosting easy to access files and other cool stuff, and to the JK2 forums
for helping me test out my designs on several other upcoming projects.