Matrix Agent

By Vulture
Date: 06-02-2003




Matrix Agent

Title : Matrix Agent
Author : vulture
E-Mail :
Website : n/a

File Name :
File Size : 979k
Date Released : May 25, 2003
Installation Instructions : Extract agent.pk3 from the zip file to your
Gamedata/Base directory.

Description : Seeing as how the couple other matrix agent skins weren't exactly great
looking, I took the matter into my own hands and came up with this. While I didn't get
the desired look of Agent Smith on the face, the suit however is pretty nice looking if
I do say so myself. So I'll just leave this be as a "generic" Matrix Agent. Uses Chiss
model as a base and comes with custom sounds/taunt. Comes with bot support but no team
support as of yet, seeing as how I couldn't find an appropriate way to incorporate him
with red and blue colors, and I don't even play CTF/TFFA. If you want to improve upon,
or use in a mod, just email me for permission.

Special Thanks: Sanj, for help and base for custom taunt.

Questions/comments? Feel free to email me at
Complaints/whining? Feel free to email me at