Catwoman (v.2)

By Aidy
Date: 04-29-2003




Developer : Aidy

Email :

Homepage :

File Name : catwoman.pk3

Installation :

Just place in base folder as normal (Will replace old one)- remove to uninstall. Simple!

Motivation :

This project started with the idea of making a female member for my clan [WotS]
(see homepage) I wanted different female taunts than the ones available from game.
They aren't "Strong" enough I thought.

So I started recording sounds of catwoman from "Batman Returns" with the intention
of making a skin that'll have clan logo on and a clan name....


I then thought that I should at least give it a go, hence this skin now.

The Model is Jan (Like you didn't already know!) I used existing skins as templates
and cut and pasted from stills of Catwoman from the movie for the outfit.

I then experimented with a shader (new to this I might add) looked at another one and
built on that and got this "shiney" look that makes outfit look like PVC. (Don't read
too far into this, it isn't a fetish or anything LOL!!)

For version 2 I've just taken more time on the team players, gone by AmosMagee's suggestion
about making stitching just the team colours, and have to admit was a good Idea and
I think it works really well, although some of it you cannot see too well, but I think
this is more to do with the shader than anything else.

I've also removed one of the taunts and added the all important (to me!) "Meow" sound.

For once I'm happy with end result, that happy in fact, I finished in one by adding
bot support too.

My ONLY groan about this job is the pony tail, I wish I knew how to get rid of it!
Any feedback on how I could would be greatful.

Two cats won't attack each other, which is making for good co-op/practice I think.

Hope you enjoy her.