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By Aidy
Date: 04-21-2003




Developer : Aidy

Email :

Homepage :

File Name : catwoman.pk3

Installation :

Just place in base folder as normal - remove to uninstall. Simple!

Motivation :

This project started with the idea of making a female member for my clan [WotS]
(see homepage) I wanted different female taunts than the ones available from game.
They aren't "Strong" enough I thought.

So I started recording sounds of catwoman from "Batman Returns" with the intention
of making a skin that'll have clan logo on and a clan name....


I then thought that I should at least give it a go, hence this skin now.

The Model is Jan (Like you didn't already know!) I used existing skins as templates
and cut and pasted from stills of Catwoman from the movie for the outfit.

I then experimented with a shader (new to this I might add) looked at another one and
built on that and got this "shiney" look that makes outfit look like PVC. (Don't read
too far into this, it isn't a fetish or anything LOL!!)

For team support I just bumped up the blue and red from the origonal skin.

For once I'm happy with end result, that happy in fact, I finished in one by adding
bot support too.

My ONLY groan about this job is the pony tail, I wish I knew how to get rid of it!
Any feedback on how I could would be greatful.

Two cats won't attack each other, which is making for good co-op/practice I think.

Hope you enjoy her.