Krang Mech Suit

By Kuro Hou
Date: 06-30-2003




Read-me file for Krang Mech Suit skin of Galak Mech model

Created by Kuro Hou aka Torin Forst (

Installation instructions:

1) place the Krang.pk3 file into your gamedata/base directory.

2) That ought to be about, Hi mom.

File info:

This is the first skin I am submitting to For those of you who never knew or are too young to
remember, Krang is an evil overlord brain like creature from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe.
This skin is of the robotic suit that he uses to move around in.

The skin includes two new taunts and another sound or two plus (simple) team and bot support.

Known Problems:

Just that the color off the head is a shade or two off from the body. I can't seem to get the balance just
right. Oh well. Maybe on next release.

People I'd like to thank:

TMNT and the people a FHE for the inspiration for this skin. (Blame them, not me.)

Chairwalker-for his excellent job on the Galak Mech model for MP.

I guess that about wraps this little pacage up. Thanks and enjoy.