Admin Config File with Autoexec

By lil_binger
Date: 04-18-2007



Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast JK2
TITLE: Admin Config File with Autoexec
AUTHOR: lil_binger

FILENAME: admin.cfg and others
FILESIZE: 40kb kb
DATE RELEASED: April 9th 2007

CREDITS: Thanx for any =LM= member for trying out the cfg's. Mainly thurir and some guy named Dave. Thufir was a great help in making the files as he was the main beta tester and a close friend of mine for 14 years so we were able to keep close contact so I could make everything work for him as he was unknowing of custom configs before he started helping me. I was able to understand his concerns and need for knowledge to make it all work so I was also able to make a tutorial for config files to help others knowing thufir's concerns and knowledge.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Add all the cfg files from the zip to your base folder. If you already have an autoexec file in your base folder you may want to open both of them at the same time and add the lines in my autoexec file to yours. The autoexec file will execute all the files you need to make this mod work automatically.

DESCRIPTION: This modification was made because there are just so many variables in JK2 that can be changed and it could be hard to understand them all or even remember them all. This mod also incorporates most everything anyone would ever need to change for a server and all you need are 5 keys on your keyboard. You can kick, spectate and scoreboard up to 30 people on a server, change the gametype, map, and many many other variables with the click of a key. I have also written in some clientside variables for teamoverlay and even for making screenshots to turn the hud on and off and more. This mod has been written with multiple cfg files because in JK2...once you reach a filesize of 17kb for a cfg file you will get cbuf overflow errors and the mod will not work. You will only need one key to execute the separate cfg files once the mod is working properly.

Cfg files can be tricky and I don't expect everyone to be able to make it work but I have done everything I could to try and make it as easy as possible. I am adding a tutorial for cfg files that I wrote and I will make a tutorial just for this mod.

By default this mod does bind 5 keys on your keyboard. Those keys are:

o p [ ] \

O will select the previous admin control.

p will select the next admin control.

[ will select the previous admin variable.

] will select the next admin variable.

\ will execute the command for the admin variable.

There are echo's written for everything so a small message will appear in the top left of your screen. For any more information on how it works you will need to read the Admin Config Tutorial included in this zip file.

Some people may already have bind for those keys on the keyboard. If so, admin, admin2 and map picker config files will need to be opened the the binding changed:

// Jk2Bindings
bind o "vstr prevadmin"
bind p "vstr nextadmin"
bind [ "vstr prv_admin"
bind ] "vstr nxt_admin"
bind \ "vstr set_admin"

You will need to only change the keys needed in each config file to the keys you want.

like: bind o "vstr prevadmin" change to: bind F8 "vstr prevadmin" or to whatever keys you want to use.

BUGS: If the autoexec fails to load, you can start the mod by typing: exec admin

COMMENTS: *** Be aware that config files are very sensitive. A small mistake by leaving out a space or deleting something on accident may make the mod not work at all. Be very careful editing the config file. I also wanted to make a "1 click" gametype control however I could not get it to work properly.

You may also distribute this file on your web site or anything. Just make sure it is distributed "in entirety" including all the cfg files and readme's.