Force Disable 2

By Tons Of Fun
Date: 08-31-2002



Force Disable 2
Author-tons of fun

this is another script file that someone requested so i made it.This disables \"Protect Lightning Drain MindTrick and Dark Rage\"

to install this just put forcedisable2.cfg into your jedi knight 2 base directory (e.g mine is C:\\games\\jediknight2\\gamedata\\base)

Then in the game bring down the console (shift+~) and type exec forcedisable2.cfg and then you\'ll have to restart, so do it right at the begining. To make it even more easier, type in the console bind (key) forcedisable2.cfg this will bind a key which u put where it says (key) (ex. bind q forcedisable2.cfg ) This way it is binded to a key and you don\'t have to type exec forcedisable2.cfg every time.