SP Unlimited Force

By Zworqy
Date: 07-18-2002



Zworqy\'s SinglePlayer Unlimited Force readme file for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

This is a painfully simple configuration file that grants you an UNLIMITED
force pool in singleplayer. Now you can fight Desann on his own terms!

Extract \"unlimitedforce.cfg\" into your GameData\\base folder.
Open it and replace the text inside the brackets with your own keys.

Start a singleplayer game, open the console (SHIFT + ~) and type: exec unlimitedforce.cfg
Add \"exec unlimitedforce.cfg\" to the autoexec.cfg file.

To uninstall, delete unlimitedforce.cfg.
You may also have to rebind the keys used by the script.

If you press any button (which isn\'t already depressed) when using a force power,
the force pool will start to drain. Use any force power again to fill it up.
To get unlimited force (Lightning, Grip) when moving, start moving BEFORE you use
any force power.

Hint: Type \"helpusobi 1; setforceall 5;\" in the console to get all force powers...

This script was written by Jonas \"Zworqy\" Olsson. Enjoy!