Spawn switcher

By Ben Staples
Date: 07-06-2002



to use this config, simply place it in the base folder in your game directory.
eg (c:\Games\Jedi Knight 2\Gamedata\base)
or (c:\Program Files\LucasArts\Jedi Outcast\Gamedata\base\)
or wherever the base folder is

add these lines to the autoexec.cfg:

exec spawnswitcher.cfg

add these lines to you main config (jk2config.cfg):

bind [key1] spawnprev // this will scroll back through the list
bind [key2] spawnnext // this will scroll forwards through the list
bind [key3] spawnmodel // this will spawn the selected model

this config has taken me a long time to write so please give me credit
if you use it somewhere else