JK2 Dismemberment Script

By Marchus B. Williams
Date: 11-29-2004



Author: Marchus Williams (a.k.a. RED SITH)
e-mail: mbynw@hotmail.com

File Name: jk2_MP_dismember.zip

This is a simple Multiplayer modification in which you edit your
"jk2mpconfig.cfg" file, to dismember people in Jedi Knight 2.

* This modification works without enabeling cheats

* This modification works when "voting to another map"

I wanted a mod that would allow Multiplayer dismemberment in Jedi
Knight 2 Jedi Outcast.

Installation Instructions: (configuring your "jk2mpconfig.cfg")
To make things easier, I've included a "jk2mpconfig.txt" file, so that
you can just copy all the text, and paste it in your GameData, base,
jk2mpconfig.cfg file.

Step1: Open "jk2mpconfig.txt" from the zip archive and copy all the
Step2: Go to your GameData, base folder, and open "jk2mpconfig.cfg"
with wordpad (uncheck "always use this program to...").
Step3: Paste the text you've just copied at the bottom of the list.
Step5: Save it, and play.

Problems and Solutions
1. "I don't have a "jk2mpconfig.cfg" in my base folder!"

If "jk2mpconfig.cfg" isn't in your base folder:

A. Start a new game and quit @ the menu screen to create

B. Set your folder options to SHOW ALL FILES (the file might be hidden;
and if it is, right click "jk2mpconfig.cfg," click on properties,
and uncheck hidden)

Unstallation Instructions:
To uninstall, simply open "jk2mpconfig.cfg" in WordPad and delete the
lines: seta g_dismember "1000"
seta cg_dismember "1000"
seta password "redsith"

Possible Errors:
Note: You might receive the following error message...

Opstack corrupted in
compiled code

When you start a new Multiplayer Game, the above message might show.

Start a new Multiplayer Game to make the code set in with the server.