Chat and Admin Powers Manager for Academy Mod v1.6

By Macrar
Date: 10-05-2004



| Macrar's Chat and Admin Powers Manager for Academy Mod v1.6 |

| Description |
This Program is handy for Server Admins with the Academy Mod that don't wanna be in the game ALL the time...
Why? Because You can Chat, Change server stuff, Kick Lamers etc. with the game minimized. So You can do some skinning, modding, mapping, etc.

| Setup |
Extract the File somewhere.
Now that's done, You can open it, and the rest You'll see, it';s very easy to use! :)

| Notes |
There are not many Admin Command buttons in the Program, only the Important ones, but there's still a 'Console' textfield, there You can type all the other commands, just like in-game with the Console :)

| Credits |
This File is created by Jurek Rutkowski, ingame: Macrar.
SPECIAL THANKS to: Mau'dae for bringing the source-code op Mau'dae's killtracker 2.0 online so i didint have to find away myself to make sure the text also get's in the game, cause it's easy to do this all, but it's hard to let it work.