JA Mod Tutorial

By Unknown / Anonymous
Date: 01-21-2004



This guide is for poeple who do not fully understand the client
commands from the Jedi Academy Mod for Jedi Outcast. I have
noticed 4 out of 10 poeple don't know about the JA mod. And this
guide (I would call it a tutorial but it's really more of a guide)
is for those 4 poeple. Also it's tiring to tell everybody I come
across what is what command and so on.

This is only a 1.0 faq. If you have any suggestions feel free to
email me at Chimerageist@hotmail.com. And you may have noticed
how small it is. It's because there's not a whole lot to say about it.

I hope this guide will help those in need.

Please send feed back to me on this
site or through email: Chimerageist@hotmail.com

p.s. this is a seperate file so you can get right to the point.
also useful if you wanna print without the needless mumbo jumbo.

P.s.s. ok yes I know about the file submission thing. argh.
stupid mistakes resulted in it not being sumbitted correctly.