JK2 Special Scripts

By Queen of Noobs
Date: 10-03-2003



//Queen of noobs proudly presents her work for those, who cannot play jk2 at all. Visit my homepage www.ebe-online.de/home/queen_of_noobs.html or send me an E-mail: queenofnoobs@hotmail.com

How to make the scripts run:

1. unzip all files into jk2/game/base folder.
2. open each script, except autoexec.cfg and startgame.cfg, with editor or notepad
3. each script, except autoexec.cfg and startgame.cfg, has a line, which looks like:
bind XX vstr asdfafsdfasdfaef
just replace XX with a key of your choice and save it into the same name and as a text-file, but be sure to keep the suffix .cfg
4. start jk2
5. in game press f10 to activate all scripts

How to use the script in game:

for my backstab (bs) scripts u have to face the enemy! Just hit the key u bound and the script will do a 180 degree turn and start a bs.

Most of my scripts start in red stance, but there are also some which start in blue stance.
So be sure using the right stance. Mostly those scripts with red_..... start in red stance.

When using a bs-script 2 lines, which are only visible for you, will appear.
I made that for troubleshooting. When a bs is missing, you can see, wheather it was the fault of that 180 degree turn or not. therefore take the very last number of each line right after that "(.....):" and calculate their diffrence. e.g
(........): 260
(........): 80

260-80=180 meens 180 degree-turn