Date: 07-21-2003



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/// PLayerBinds ///
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Files: PLayerbinds.cfg, BindsBaseJK2.cfg, BindsOmniMod.cfg, BindsAcademy.cfg, BindsAdminMod.cfg, and BindsDiruption.cfg.

Author: Raymond Ehlers

Game Name: {TMBF}dead!FREAK{JCM/A}

Description: An easier way to change binds and also to not lose your binds in the game (it happens to me and is annyoing).

Installation Instructions: Put each config file in the base folder and then in game type in the consle (shift + ~) /exec "the config file". EX. /exec bindsbasejk2.cfg!!! the capitalizations don't matter.

Credit: i would like to give credit to my friend jnaf for helping me with figuring out what commands do. He has been very helpful when i cant get to JK2 to test commands.

Also check the jk2_consle_commands in the other text file for the commands you can use.

Feedback: send any feed back to me at that would be helpful. also, if a missed a key that you can bind send me the name of the key so i can add it for better updated versions.
Thx All

Disclaimer: This file is NOT supported by LUCASARTS, ACTIVISION, OR RAVEN GAMES. If this file affects jk2 then it is not my problem i have already tested it and have not found any problems.
Do send me the problems in a email so i can try to correct them. Thx all!!!