Kill Tracker 5.0 Final

By Mau dae
Date: 06-09-2003





Title : Kill Tracker 5.0 Final
Author : Mau'Dae
E-Mail :
Website :

File Name : setup.exe
File Size : 1.5 mb
Date Released : June 3, 2003 (My b-day)

Description : Final Version of my Kill Tracker, All new features. However this is the final version for jk2, expect to see a new release when JK3 comes out. All these goodies come at a price, You WILL lose your current Kill and Death count

Comments : read below


If you are having problems with some of the messages showing, there is a limit on how many characters your name can be, including the color codes. The Max is 29 so be sure you dont go over. I would like to thank Shadow (David) for helping me beta test and encouraging me to release the new version. Read the read me for further information. Please report any bugs to

Mau'Dae (Maury)

New Features in 5.0
-Now Tracks Duels, Duels won, and Duels Lost
-Added some % commands for the messages
-Added Duel Won message(no longer only duel lost)
-!duels command added (shows total duels, total won and lost, and percent won)
-!mini minimizes JK2
-Added Winamp Support (The songs must be in your play list)
-New commands
-!loadwa Loads Winamp(set up Winamp folder in the options Default: C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe Plz be exact)
-!play Plays current song
-!play song *you dont have to enter the whole name of the song, only a partial string so if the song is Korn - BBK all you have to do is type !play bbk
-!stop Stops current song
-!pause Pauses/unpauses current song
-!next Selects next song in play list
-!prev Selects previous song in play list
-!vol # Sets the volume of winamp 0 - 200
-!listsongs lists all the songs in your playlist
-!songplaying Shows the current song playing
-Added option to echo or send text to chat for Winamp messages
-Fixed some bugs
-New Look and Icon
-Encrypted the saved strings, Problem with this is that you will loose all your current kills and death count

New Features in 4.1
-Now tracks total deaths
-2 new message commands (Total deaths, Kills per death ratio)
-Added more message commands to for the Duel initiated and Duel Lost messages.
-!deaths command that works like !kills
-Reset kills/deaths button in the options

New Features in 4.0
-Fixed some bugs
-Added "!search string" where string is replaced with text you want to search the database with. EX: search for a clan tag and it will show u all the info for people in ur clan.
-New Icon
-Something else that i cant think of right now

New Features in 3.5
-Check for updates
-Toggle messages("!kton" "!ktoff")
-"!info playername" command to shows how many times you have killed him and he has killed you. (name must be exact),
-%d message command that is replaced by how many times the person has killed you.
-!saberon and !saberoff will make ur saber start changing colors after a couple of secands.(might still be a little buggy)
-Changed color scheme to red and white.

New Features in 3.0
-Recoded Engine (doesnt require as much memory)
-Duel Initiated Message
-Duel Lost Message
-New UI
-Fixed known bugs
-Preview of messages
-Some other stuff i forgot

Other Features
-Tracks number of times you have killed individual person
-Custom messages for both regular kills and for kick kills.
-Console Command
/name - if you change your name of just start playing with it, use this and it will refresh your name into the textbox.
-type !kills or !time in chat
-Custom Messages!
-Gamespy/QTracker/Any other server launcher support (info on how to install below)
-Some other crap i left out

-Extract to your Jediknight2/GameData/ folder if you wish to use it with Gamespy or Qtracker
-In the Name textbox put in the name you use in the game EXACTLY! Just without the colors.
-OR, once you join ingame, go to console and type /name and it will do the text box stuff for you.

To Start Kill Tracker with Gamespy or Qtracker
-make sure its in the Jediknight2/GameData/ folder and setup Gamespy or Qtracker to use kill tracker.exe instead of jk2mp.exe.

If you are having problems with the tracker tracking it is probably because your name is over 29 characters (including color codes), try shortening your name.
If this doesnt work contact me on AIM: iifuzz or email:

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