The Mainframe (ver2)

By Blaster
Date: 07-02-2002
Version: ver2



Author Information
Author: Steven Brown (Blaster)
Email Address:

File Information
Title: The Mainframe 2.0
File Name: Mainframe 2.0.pk3
Map Size: Large

Date Of Release: July 2002

Description: This is the second version of my single player level \'The Mainframe\'. Most
players found Vader to be too tough in the original version and found it could
have been bigger. Well now IT IS! There are now two maps, one called part 1 and
the other called part 2. Part 2 will be familiar to all those who have played
the original. I don\'t want to spoil any surprises, so what are you waiting for
go play!

Story: Kyle and Luke have found that Tavion has somehow resurrected Darth Vader. Luke
decides to go to Kejim alone and defeat his father once again. At the meantime
Kyle must try and find out where Tavion is hiding. However Kyle senses a
disturbance in the force and feels that Luke is in trouble. Kyle decides to go
to Kejim and help out Luke.

Kyle arrives at the Imperial outpost on Kejim. Luke\'s ship is there but he is
nowhere in sight. However Kyle can sense were he went and follows his trail.
Just as he is about to enter the base a Reborn and two stormtroopers come
through a door followed by a familiar droid sound approaching from behind.
This is it there is no turning back. Can you defeat Darth Vader? or will you
fail and allow Vader to bring about the rebirth of the empire.

DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY. - Jedi Master Yoda

Mission Objectives: 1.) Kill Darth Vader
2.) Engage all Remnant troops in the area
3.) Find Luke
4.) Escape with Luke alive

Additional Credits: All the people at, Michael Frost who created the
Darth Vader MOD and Crapse who created the Jedi Knight Reborn skin.
Joe Dyer for the \'Bridge\' prefab and Yves Allaire for the \'Bridge\'
prefab textures. Gidion The Dead for the \'Imperial Screen and Computer\'
prefab and the \'Hangar\' prefabs. Expositus for the \'Imperial Eagle\'

All prefabs credited can be found at

Installation Information
Simply put the Mainframe 2.0.pk3 file in your jedioutcast/gamedata/Mainframe 2.0
directory, load up the game goto the \'Setup\' menu and click on \'Mods\' then click on
Mainframe 2.0 and then click \'Load Mod\'. Then bring down the console and type in
\"map part_1\" (without the quotes). If at any time you just wish to play part 2 type in the
console \"map part_2\" (without the quotes).

Using the \'Mods\' menu will allow you to put in the Reborn Advanced and Vader.

If you don\'t know how to bring down the console goto the Jedi Outcast main menu and press
the ` key and the left shift key together.

If you wish to quit the credits at the end either press your use button to speed them up or
bring down the console and type \"quit\" (without the quotes).

Construction Information

Vis Time: About 45 Minutes for both maps
Build Time: About 50 hours
Known Bugs: While fighting the Advanced Reborn you may hear Kyle say the line \"Strange he
looked like a Jedi and fought like a Jedi etc.\" This is supposed to happen only
when you have defeated him but for some reason he just says it sometimes.
At one point he even said it four times! It seems to happen not that often
though. Another bug which has happend only twice is some kind of sound problem.
What happens is the game will stop and return to the main menu with a \'sound
input out of range\' type of error. I don\'t know what this is but it happend
twice when I was destroying the probe droids with a saber throw. It happens
very rarely though and if it happens with you then just restart the level and
play again. Hopefully the problem won\'t happen again on your second go.

Author Notes: My apologies to all the people who were annoyed with the fact that Vader took
about 600 hits to kill him in version 1.0. Now Vader\'s hit points are 4000
and Luke\'s are 2500. Vader is still tough but should take less time to kill.
Vader and Luke only spawn when you are going up the elevator. This should fix
the Luke dieing straight away bug.

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