Masters of the Force (1.0)

By OJP Team
Date: 12-29-2002
Version: 1.0



Masters of the Force
Release 1: "LOLZ"
"Whatchu think, willis?"

Authors: The MotF Team. See Credits.
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Unzip to the /gamedata directory in your Jedi Knight 2 game directory. Be sure to preserve the subfolders when unzipping.


Masters of the Force seeks to increase the realism (to the movies), coolness, and fun factor of Jedi Knight 2. We seek the community's support as much as possible to make this Mod exactly the JK2 everyone wants. We want to recreate fun, challenging battles with interesting Star Wars characters in a way that is true to the movies. We are open to any compentent people would wish to contribute.


New Features:

Release 1:

- Dodge
New form of protection.

- Lethal Weapon Damage
All weapons are LETHAL. Almost all weapons can and will kill you in one shot. You must use your skills and Dodge ability to survive.

- All Damage Adjusters Removed (Except for Force Rage's)
Damage now affects everyone exactly the same.

- Faster Weapons
To more accurately depict weapon combat from the movies, all the weapon speeds have been drastically increased. This includes throwing distance for the Thermal Detonators.

- New Cvar Defaults
g_ghoul2sabercollision, g_dismember (full), and cg_dismember (full) are all on by default.

- NO new cvars
Everything has been set up for optimal play as is. We don't want to see 50 zillion different servers with different settings. All the cvars are currently cheat protected so you may play with them if you want. Cvars will be made availible based on demand.

- The E11 Repeater Secondary Fire now acts like the Primary Fire for game balance.

- New Sentry Gun Explosion behavior





In real life, your reflexes allow you to avoid dangerous objects quickly and even without thinking. This is also seen inside the Star Wars movies. In fact, Jedi display reflexive abilities that are far behound any normal human ability. As such, MotF has decided to make this a critical part of gameplay.

Dodge, in a gameplay sense, is a another form of protection for your player. Whenever you receive damage, Dodge attempts to block it. 1 Dodge Point (DP) will block 1 point of damage. However, Dodge doesn't work against the powers of the Force. In addition, due to the difficult of changing direction in midair, all DP costs are double while in the air.

Partial Dodges:

If you successfully block move than 50% of the damage, you'll perform a Partial Dodge (also known as a Partial Hit). When you receive a partial hit, your character will stop what s/he's doing and perform a Matrix-like move to avoid the damage (all while in real-time). In addition, most forms of projectile attacks (blasters, disruptor shots, etc) will then continue on their way (AKA Weapon Passthru) and possibly harming other players.

Full Dodges:

If you dodge 100% of the damage, your character will perform a Full Dodge. A Full Dodge acts just like a Partial Dodge except for two things. First, your character lefts a afterimage, and secondly, ALL weapons pass by as if your character was never there.

Visual Indicators:

A new HUD display has been added to the upper-left part of the screen. This Dodge Meter reads just like the ammo indicator. Other visual clues to indicate you and your opponent's remaining are as shown below and mentioned under the Partial and Full Dodge entries.

Dodge <-> Visual Indications

DP Remaining Dodge Type Dodges Afterimage Weapon Passthru
Full to Moderate Full X X X
Moderate to Low Partial X /
Low to None None


Portable Assualt Sentry:

The sentry gun item is a bit different. It's visually the same but its gameplay attributes are slightly different.


This sentry gun was created by the Rebel Alliance for automated "drop and support" infantry close support/guard duty. The sentry gun had a very suffisticated targeting and IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) hardware that couldn't be allowed to fall into Imperial hands. So, the sentry was designed with a self-destruct for situations where the gun would be left to defend a retreating Rebel force.

However, early in prototype testing, a serious design flaw was discovered that limited it from mainline use. Due to the weight requirements, the gun had to lightly armored and this light armor proved to be a problem. Whenever the gun is destroyed, by weaponfire or by self-destruct, the gun explodes uncontrolled instead of the intended controlled internal explosion. Understandably, this couldn't be used for it's original purpose since a single spray shot could blow up the gune and kill the nearby soldier.

Immediately, the special ops section of the Rebel Alliance snapped the design for use with small commando teams. The sentry gun proved to be a vuluable asset as a distraction/destruction device. The commando teams learned that the gun could be used to cover hallways/doorways/etc while team preformed it's mission and then used as a escape tactic by triggering a explosion with a well placed shot.

Gameplay Changes:

The self destruct splash damage is now based on the amount of remaining ammo plus a small self-destruct charge. Some of the explosive force is disappatted by the sentry armor but not much. Plus, the splash radius is now bigger. This makes for some interesting game play options.



Release Schedule:

The MotF Team has decided to release features as we impliment them to let the community enjoy our Mod while at the same time improving the mod with user feedback. We'll try to make the mod as small as possible so those with 56ks won't have to be left out. As such, all the extra content, such as models, maps, etc. will be left out and released seperately.



Dodge: Razor Ace
Additional Design: Razor Ace, Ytmh, ASk
Razor Ace


Team Lead/Creator: Razor Ace

Special Thanks:
Coding Assistance: TCK, ASk, Jaii der Herr, Code3Arena, Darth Syrup
Raven Software (for the game)
Id Software (for the engine)
My family (Razor Ace)



All the included material is the property of the MotF Team. You may freely distribute it as long as you do not charge money or profit financially from it. However, we are curious as to who is hosting this, so please send us a email if you do. We reserve the right to our ideas, concepts, and work. You must receive written approval from Razor Ace before you may use our material. Source material has been pulled from Jedi Knight 2 and Lucasfilm's Star Wars universe and they have their own rights to it. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Source Code:

Due to rampent cut and paste modding, we're going with a source on request system. If you have a honestly original and useful mod idea/system, we'll ether absorb it into MotF or let you have a copy of the source code.


This was written while very tired. Please forgive any grammar/spelling errors.

This was written on recycled bytes.