SithBuster Serverside (

By Saber Tooth
Date: 06-27-2006



SithBuster Serverside
Author: SaberTooth
Date Version Released: 6/26/2006
Please email any bugs, comments, or cheats to be blocked:
Do not bundle, repackage, or upload this without permission from author!
Cybermind � QMM Mod
Deathspike � Contributed Code
The SithBuster System was created to be a universal anti-cheat solution for the Jedi Outcast and Jedi
Academy games. This system, if used properly, will block all known cheats and enforce
settings/filtering to ensure everyone plays fair. It is the summation of the following pieces:
(Currently only available for Jedi Outcast)
. SithBuster Clientside (Windows only, all client side pieces come as one �package�):
-Automatic Update System
-Blocks Movement/Attack Scripting
-Blocks Hacks
1. SithBuster.exe � Main client side executable.
2. SithBuster_Updater.exe � Updater executable.
3. SithBuster.tmp � Support file
. SithBuster Serverside (Windows and Linux):
-Enforces & Validates that clients run latest SB Client side
-�Real Name� feature, prints clients' �real� names
-Admin System
-Bans SithBusterGUID, a superior alternative to IP based bans
-Limits Net Settings, to stop lag-cheaters
1. SithBuster Serverside � Universal server �Plugin� that can run on top of any mod using
QMM's (Quake Multi-Mod) framework. (Ex: Run this and CJK-Mod concurrently.)
2. SithBuster in DX Mod � For an easier to install, more compact version.
-See DX Mod for more information on this option.