ProMod (Beta 2)

By Artifex
Date: 09-03-2002
Version: Beta 2



ProMod Beta 2
Released: 09/01/02
by: Wes "Artifex" Rast (
Official site:
Official game server: ArtifeX's Official ProMod Beta 2 --


Currently, the official site at has a bug with its ftp site. I cannot update the site until this is fixed. As soon as it is, I will be adding Installation Help, Strategy, and other links to the site along with a new look. Until then, please contact me directly with any questions you may have at, or post your question in the forums at and I'm sure you'll find the help you need.


- Changes from Beta 1
- Installation Notes
- More Information about ProMod


- Pushable missle bug is fixed. All projectiles are now affected by Push.
- Grips can now by broken by Push and Pull while the Gripper is ducked.
- Weapons can now be pulled from gunners who are ducked on the ground and in the air.
- Front/Side kick swapping bug is fixed.
- Strong Style has increased footspeed while swinging.
- Strong Style has been granted the only across-the-board offensive CSC bonus.
- All saber damage to a target that has a gun equipped has been increased by 50%. This includes Saber Throw. One Strong swing will do in any gunner.
- Minor normal damage tweaks.
- New titlescreen art. Lookin' smooth.
- NEW COMBAT BONUS SYSTEM -- Every movement you make will have an offensive or defensive bonus associated with it, which are reflected in the new Combat Bonus Meters on the lower left and lower right sides of your screen. The blue side of each meter is a plus to your bonus, and the red side is a negative. I'll go into more depth about Bonus Meter strategy in an upcoming article on the official homepage (
- NEW HUD CVARS - There are several new console variables that you can use to customize your ProMod experience:
- promod_cscColor1R - this is the Red color channel value of the CSC when it's large and weak. All color values are floating point numbers betweeen 0.0 and 1.0 (0.0 being no color, and 1.0 being full value for that color)
- promod_cscColor1G - color 1 Green channel
- promod_cscColor1B - color 1 Blue channel
- promod_cscColor1Alpha - color 1 Alpha (transparency) channel
- promod_cscColor2R - This is the Red color channel value of the CSC when it's small and strong.
- promod_cscColor2G - color 2 Green channel
- promod_cscColor2B - color 2 Blue channel
- promod_cscColor2Alpha - color 2 Alpha (transparency) channel
- promod_drawCSC - an integer, either 0 or 1 (default 1) that tells ProMod to draw the Combat Strength Crosshair
- promod_drawBonusMeters - an integer, either 0 or 1 (default 1) that tells ProMod to draw the offensive and defensive Bonus meters.

- Kicks against another player are still single tap, but all front wallflips are double tap, and have a greater kickback than before. The wallflips can also be done higher up on a wall than before.
- FORCE SIGHT/MIND TRICK RELATIONSHIP - Low levels of Force Sight will now have difficulty seeing higher levels of Mind Trick. A Mind Tricker may not become visible until they are very close to you if you have a low level of Force Sight.
- SNIPER/FORCE SIGHT/SABER DEFENSE RELATIONSHIP - It is now much harder to dodge or block sniper fire. You must have at least 1 level of Force Sight to dodge, and even that Level 1 Sight *can* dodge a sniper shot, but you must now be LOOKING AT THE SNIPER TO DODGE. Depending on how many levels of Sight you have, you get more and more leeway in your aim towards the sniper for a successful dodge. Level 3 Sight will provide you with dodging for any sniper within a 90-degree cone in front of you, while Level 1 only provides a 10-degree cone. SABER DEFENSE on the other hand, if you have it at level 3, will allow you to block incoming sniper shots provided that they are within a 90-degree cone in front of you.
- Breaking someone's defenses is now easier with all styles. BETTER WATCH YOUR AIM!
- Lighting range has been lowered to match Drain.
- Dismemberment on by default on the server.
- All private FFA duels now end with the winner receiving 100 health AND 25 shields if they fall below either of those values.


DO NOT UNZIP THE PROMOD FILES INTO YOUR GameData/base DIRECTORY! If you do so, ProMod will not work. It will NOT damage your install of jedi knight 2 in any way, but it will not allow ProMod to function. See below for complete instructions.

****If you DO have ProMod Beta 1 installed:****
1. Unzip this package to your {jk2 install dir}/GameData directory
2. Choose "Ok" when winzip (or whatever unzip program you're using) asks whether you want to overwrite old files. YES, BETA 2 IS DESIGNED TO OVERWRITE THE OLDER, OUTDATED BETA 1 VERSION. No one should be playing beta 1 now that beta 2 has been released.
3. Double click the provided "promod.bat" file in your {jk2 install dir}/GameData directory.
Start the game normally, then select SETUP->MODS->PROMOD from the list.
Use QTracker ( to find an appropriate ProMod server, and enter the game that way. (this is what i recommend)

****If you DO NOT have ProMod Beta 1 installed:****
Do exactly as described above, but you won't have to worry about any files being overwritten, as you don't have a previous version.

When you're all finished with the install, you'll have 3 new files in your Jedi Knight 2 directory, and they'll be distributed like this:

{jk2 install dir}/GameData/promod/promod.pk3 -- the ProMod game file.
{jk2 install dir}/GameData/promod.bat -- a batch file that you can double-click to start ProMod
{jk2 install dir}/GameData/ProMod_beta_2_readme.txt -- this file.


Please visit the official homepage, for a complete discussion about the ProMod concept, recent news and announcements. I also recommend visiting the forums to meet others interested in ProMod. I update the news section at the moddb listing quite often, so check there as well (

I also cannot recommend QTracker more highly to anyone who likes to play jedi knight 2. There is no better tool for finding an online game to play in, and it is an especially good tool for playing ProMod on the web. Go to and download the latest version. You'll thank me for it!