JK2: The Fan's Version (1.1b)

By Eradicator
Date: 06-22-2002
Version: 1.1b



JK2: The Fan\'s Version
Version 1.1b
By Eradicator (Eradicator@modsrus.com)
Check http://www.ModsRus.com for the latest offical updates

!!!NOTE: The official Raven Software(tm) - Lucas Arts(tm) 1.03 patch
is NEEDED to run this mod or any other mod the changes the source code.
You can download it here: ftp://ftp.lucasarts.com/patches/pc/JKIIUp5_6.exe

Installation: Unzip all files to your GameData folder under your JK2 directory
ex. C:\\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\\GameData. Then run the Execute FanMod.bat
or select JK2: The Fan\'s Version from the mod list in-game.

Features added in 1.1b:
-force lightning and force drain are no longer nerfed, but this can be re-enalbed
with the g_forcenerf cvar set to 1
-bugfix: rocket speed isn\'t so slow anymore
-bugfix: force animations no longer so fast after using grapple
-bugfix: force lightning and force drain now work properly

Features added in 1.1:
-dual bladed sabers can now be enabled for bots with g_botdualblade cvar
-ability to flip off a wall and wall run from the air
-g_flipheight and g_wallrunheight cvars added to control height player is
propelled in the moves
-g_wallrunspeed cvar added so server admin can control the speed at which
players wall run
-Tchouky\'s RGB saber code added (can make saber any color with cvars)
UI included under setup to change saber colour
-flips defaultly push you farther and higher from wall to flip over players
-g_startinghealth cvar added to control the starting/max health of players
-g_healthcountdown cvar added to control wether healths counts down when
over the max health limit
-any shot from a disruptor rifle that kills somebody will now disintegrate
-Ask\'s grapple code implemented, given more \"force like\" look and it has also
been balanced by now using up force (it is defaulty off; use g_grapple 1 to
turn it on if you are server admin; clients can use it by hitting the USE key)
-g_grapple, g_dualblade, g_shield, g_botdualblade and g_olddamge added to server
info (downside is server must restart to change cvars)

Features in 1.0:
-a new move called evade has been implemented in which a player affectively
knocks himself down to evade projectiles, it is held down until the player
wishes to get back up and then when it is let go of the player automatically
flips back up (it can be accessed using the evade command ex. /evade)
-dual bladed sabers can be toggled by clients with the dualblade command,
but the sever admin can disable that with the g_dualblade cvar
-old damages before the 1.03 patch are back, but the new damages can still be
re-enabled by the server admin with the g_olddamage cvar
-teal saber color has been implemented and can be accessed with the color1
command set to 6 ex. /color1 6
-goofy red grip effect has been removed, but can be put back by the admin
with cg_gripeffect cvar
-saber non-attack damage has been upped from 1 to 5 for realism
-armor (or shields) can be disabled using a new cvar, g_shield so that
there is no stupid looking teal circle in duels when someone is hit
-headexplodey command will launch your smoking head off your body (no
longer required to be in debug mode and no longer a cheat)
-g_saberghoul2collision default changed to 1 and g_saberTracesaberfirst default
changed 0 for better saber fights defaulty
-dismemberment cvars defaulty set on and to max (doesn\'t crash in new patch)
Yes! Dismemberment is multi-player and working!

New Cvars:
Cvar Default Description
g_dualblade 1 allows clients to toggle duel bladed sabers
g_olddamage 1 implements old damages before 1.03 patch
cg_gripeffect 0 disables goofy red grip effect
g_shield 1 allows disabling of shields (armor)
g_evade 1 allows admins to disable evade maneuver
g_headexplodely 1 allows disabling of head exploding :(
g_flipheight 140 controls height player is propelled when flipping
g_wallrunheight 130 controls height player is propelled when wall running
g_botdualblade 0 allows server admin to make bots use dual blades
tck_saber 1 toggles tck\'s rgb sabers
tck_saberred 50 amount of red in tck\'s rgb saber
tck_sabergreen 50 amount of green in tck\'s rgb saber
tck_saberblue 50 amount of blue in tck\'s rgb saber
g_wallrunspeed 250 controls speed at which players wall run
g_startinghealth 100 controls the starting health of players
g_forcenerf 0 controls wether force lightning or drain are nerfed

New Commands:
Cmd Description
evade hold down for new evasive move
headexplodey blows off your own head :) (no longer cheat or debug command)
dualblade toggles use of dual bladed sabers for client

Finding Servers: Search for a server running the gametype \"fanmod\" or the
gametype \"truesaber\" for version 1.0. You can also look for servers with
g_dualblade in the server info. A list of some servers running the mod has
been compiled at www.ModsRus.com. You can submit your own server to the list.

Lead Programmer - Eradicator
RGB Saber code - Tchouky
Grapple code - Ask

Check www.ModsRus.com for new updates.

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