JK2 v1.03a Plus (0.5)

By DarkLord
Date: 06-17-2002
Version: 0.5



June 13, 2002
Map Name : JK2 v1.03a+ (SDK Source MOD) v0.5
Author : DarkLord
Email Address : chris@deadhand.com
Website URL : jedi.eifelansinn.de (comming 07.01.2002)

Mod description : This is a server-side mod that incorporates the changes done by Raven since the release of v1.03 (from the SDK), and additionally balances out saber throw and the swift kick. *see below* Optionally there also is a .cfg file that when executed lets the server use the Ghoul2 collision detection from the Single Player, making saber combat much more dynamical and enjoyable (highly recommended!)

Additional Credits to : commwithoutbrain who actually *did* the seaching and coding for me. TKANKS A LOT!

Thanks to : Raven Software for creating a great game
* Play Information *

New Sounds : NO
New Skins : NO
New Objects : NO

* Construction *
Brush Count : n/a
Vert Count : n/a
Entity Count : n/a
Base info : Multiplayer SDK v2 as a base

* How to use this *

Simply copy the v103a_plus.pk3 and v103a_plus.cfg into your \'base\' directory.
And add \"+set fs_game v103a_plus +exec v103a_plus.cfg\" to the command line starting your server.

To run a windows server with this, use this command line:
jk2mp.exe +exec server.cfg +set fs_game v103a_plus +exec v103a_plus.cfg
To run a Linux dedicated server type:
./jk2ded +exec server.cfg +set fs_game v103a_plus +exec v103a_plus.cfg

* Information / \"WHAT does this do ???\" *

This \'Patch\'/MOD does not interfere with your normal 1.03 installation at all. You still can join every normal 1.03 Server just as usual.
The *.pak itself only contains one file, this file changes all the stuff Raven *has* fixed since v1.03 on server- side. Of course the SDK includes client side stuff as well, but to date it is unknown if there actually *are* any real changes on the client\'s side.
After extensively testing this mod it is released as a very small server-side mod! So the download is very small, just ~250kb for the whole package (incl. this readme).
I have tested it several days now, without any problems so far... contact me if you encounter *any*!

Here\'s a simple list *what* Raven did change for v1.03a:
- backstab/-sweep damage has been fixed and now follows the same rules as the other moves.
- bug, where you could rotate around your own axis during backstabs/-sweeps has been fixed
- the exploit where blue lunge could be executed in mid-air has been fixed.
- Secondary fire of FC1 and Heavy Repeater cost 15 ammo units instead of 25 as in 1.03
- pull/push don\'t knock down your enemy as ofte as before, if they have spend full force-points on pull/push

(this listing is not necessarily complete so far!)

*NOTE*: These changes have all been done completely by Raven themselfes and have not been altered by anyone else in this MOD.

This are the very small additional changes that have been incorporated, apart from Raven\'s own 1.03a changes:
- swift-kick now does 9 damage (rather than its standard 18)
- saber-throw now takes up 60% of your force power, and \'only\' makes 15 Damage (rather 20% and 30 damage)

* FAQ / RATO (\"rants already thought of\") *

\"Throw...? What\'s wrong with throw?\"

This MOD makes throw a lot more tactical and removes constant throw-spamming and duels lacking even one
slash, without taking away with throw completely.

\"WHAT? Throw is too weak now!!!\"

I know that might sound a bit exaggerated to some, but believe me it isn\'t: Thow still is worth every force-point one could spend on it, and is very handy in certain situations.
Put simple: It just will be spammed WAYS less , and saber duels should be decided upon one\'s real \'skill\' with the saber rather than his throwing \'skills\'.

\"Well tweaking throw is good, but I\'d rather have it altered like ...\"

Yes, there are a whole lot of other options to change the \'throw issue\', but actually this one does not feel too bad. I like it a lot. The numbers might not sound too spectacular or promising but I think the modification does its job really well here. If you think throw was too strong, but feel umcomfartable when looking at these numbers (60% force usage, 15 damage) try it out. And possibly try not to cencentrate too much just on throw, trhat would surely take away the fun ;)
And the focus of this MOD is to have the \'inofficial Patch\' v1.03a, with custom changes brought down to a minimum.

\"kick nerfed?\"

-> less spamming, more real combat, I hope. Most players should now realize that a nicely placed slash is much more powerfull, and constant kickers, might be better beatable without kicking yourself.

*NOTE*: Some still feel kick has been *nerfed* in 1.03 by making you need to doubletap the jump key... it surely isn\'t! It\'s way more powerfull this way, because one could easily do it in mid-air... so it needed to be tweaked a bit at least. If these changes are unsatisfactory, I might see what else could be done (e.g. remove the damage completely?). Some feedback on this is apreciated.

\"Throw = 60%, Kick 9 damage? no mid-air lunge? What a crap!!\"

Ok, possibly this MOD is not for you, but for those not sure if this might be good at all, when looking at those numbers, I\'d really suggest to go on and *try* it! It doesn\'t hurt, and once you saw how it really feels and plays you can still come back and keep on beating the crap out of me...

The only other stuff that is changed (and made optional) is a special v103a_plus.cfg config file, that sets up your server to run the Ghoul2 saber combat system. Just run it by adding \"+exec v103a_plus.cfg\" to the command line starting your server. I highly recommend these settings for the best balance possible.

* WHY ??? *

INTENTION: This mod is NOT to change *everything* that has been done or that *is* this game. The only goal is to take what we\'ve got and alter it (in very minor ways) to have a most balanced and FAIR game. No funky extra features, cheats or super uber-moves. Only the 1.03a Source and very small gameplay tweaks, to make for a better Jedi Outcast experience, NOT for a whole new game!
Put simple: To finally have some *balanced* saber combat! To give everyone the option to run a 1.03a server with all it\'s fixes. While additionally balancing out the remaining saber combat issues with a minimum of modification.

The mod should work as a server-side-mod, but sometimes certain servers are unable to set up those mods the way that clients would not need them to play on this server. In this case another fact becomes handy: The size of this mod only is 245kb, so it is well possible to let it auto-download directly when the client joins the server; removing any worries from the clients, and giving server admins the power to make *their* server balanced out for everyone.

* Suggestions to Server-Admins *

As stated before I highly recommend using the acompanied .cfg file as well, to enable the Ghoul2 saber collision detection. You could of course write the settings from v103a_plus.cfg right into your server.cfg and remove v103a_plus.cfg.
Nevertheless this is optional with this MOD.

Sometimes servers fail to execute this and other v1.03a MODs as server-side-only, so that your clients *might* have to download it.
If possible, please don\'t just give up because of that. You could simply turn on auto-download on your server (sv_allowDownload 1) and advise your clients to do this on their machines as well (\"cl_allowdownload 1\" or through the Menu: \"Setup -> Game Options -> Allow Downloads: On\").
The server could easily make a note for the clients with the \'moto of the day\' that gets displayed when connecting to the server. (like this: g_motd \"103a_plus MOD - pls turn on auto download\")
The MOD\'s pk3 file only weights at about 245kb, so downloading it would not take much time.

Something else I\'d recommend is giving your server some name that shows that you are running this MOD. So it would be easier to find:
Putting a simple (1.03a+) in your server\'s name would do it.
This is just a suggestion from me. Nothing else.

* Copyright / Permissions *