JediRemix: Endgame Edition

By Covax
Date: 11-26-2003




JediRemix: Endgame Edition

A Jedi Outcast MOD assembled by Covax
Presented by Writer's Block Media

Title : JediRemix: Endgame Edition (aka JediMOD: Dragon Remix 2)
Author : Covax, various others (see Source)
Web Page : Http://
Author E-Mail :

File Name :
File Size : 23 Mb
Date Released : 25/10/2003


The Multiplayer Upgrade to JKII: Dragon Remix Endgame Edition, based off of JediPLUS v3.3 and Saberists Mod. It includes mamy of the sword/meele weapon models released to the community, made as mod-compatible as possible. It can be used either stand-alone or in cunjunction with any JediMod-based game.

There is bot support for the characters in Dragon Remix Endgame Edition so you get to be sliced and diced by the WB's finest. A few but not many have color/CTF support. The Evangelions, Gundams and the Black Widow charachters are 'big'. It includes 2 maps, 4 character models and... uhm... a lot of swords (I lost count).

This pack also provides a few bug-fixes for Endgame Edition, mainly a few missing weapons skins and caps files, also some updated sounds for the explosives.


JM2.pk3 This is the actual 'code'. Since there are better MP mods out there you can pretty much
remove this at will.
JRMaps.pk3 The Maps, including music.
JRStuff.pk3 This has the weapons, character models and thier associated bot, sound and FX files.
jk2104.cfg Sets the game like JKO v 1.04
tckmodel.cfg Provides the model and weapon heights, like for the Anime Robots.
autoexec.cfg Just important, trust me.
Jedi+ Faq.txt Original .txt on JediPlus and Saberisist Mod, provides info on game commands.
description.txt Just a file to have the 'Dragon Remix' title in the Mod window in Setup.
JMDR.txt Yer readin' it kid.


Extract all files in the GAMEDATA folder. The Jedi Knight II: Dragon Remix Endgame Edition file is needed to play.

'TCK-Sabers' HAVE to be set to OFF in Setup or they mess with the swords (the black-boxed effect). It's also reccomended to shut off 'Dynamic Glow'.


'Ruined Church' by ScOrPiOn
Music track is Freak on a Leash (NIN mix) by Korn

'Vampire Dojo' based on map by DEADLOCK, retextured by Shadow Blight
'Man Without Fear' by Rob Zombie and Drowning Pool

[Common Commands]

Type these into the console or bind them to other keys.

/dualsaber - You get the dual 'energy' blades

/dualblade - You get 2 weapons. The default left hand weapon is the Katana.

/hilt <hiltname> - Changes the right (main) weapon.

/hilt2 <hiltname> - Changes the left (second) weapon. Must have /dualblade to notice the effect.

[Source Material]

This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of:

'JediPLUS v3.3' by BOFH, Darcious and Nitemare, based on original 'JediMod' by Dest
'Saberist Mod 1.2" by FireStorm Entertainment (DoF_BlackWolf, Marcus_1, Kelemvor, Tercero, Maddog)

Weapon Models and Sounds:
(Yes, we have no Katanas... we have no Katanas today...)

'Toru Katana', 'Kinu'e Katana', 'K'an Tai chi Sword', 'Shinobi Ninja-to', 'Zatoichi Sword',
'Shinai', 'Ji halberd', 'Naginata' and 'Kama' by Laghima
'Masamune', 'Ninja Sword', 'Caladbolg', and 'Axe' by Sephiroth__VII
'Strider's Sword' and 'Glamdring' by Sephiroth__VII and KOTORMRJay
'Thanatos Sword' based off of 'Ring Wraith Sword' by Sephiroth__VII and KOTORMRJay
'Quantum Sword' based off of 'Ranger Sword' by Sephiroth__VII and KOTORMRJay
'Bokken' and 'Silver Katana' based off of 'Katana' by Ages120
'Saruman's Staff' and 'Gandalf's Staff' by Madjai
'Universal Tool' based off of 'Chainsaw' by Madjai
'Bushido Katana' by Scarecrow and PlayingKarrd
'Gaffi Stick' by Major Clod
'Red Eagle' by Charmin Deluxe and BXpress
'Hadhafang' by Diablo666
'Mjolnir' by Koloth Jar
'Dark Sword of the Force' based off of 'Sword of the Force' by Spiderknight
'Jedi Knight 2 To Quake III Arena Weapons Mod' compiled by Chris Sharpe

Light Saber Hilt Models:

'Dooku's Hilt' by MonkeyKungFu
'Exar Kun Hilt' by Sish_Sadeet
'Maglite' by Mr.Sinister

Character Models and Skins:

'Neon Genesis Evangelion' by Shinobi
'Tiamat' based off 'Night Elf' model and skin by Flux
'Dante' by Graves and Freeman
'Diablo II Barbarian Version v2.0' by Kevin Coyle

[Other Mods to consider]

Reccomended Music:
For some cool tunes try the various Dragon Remix Music Packs (1-5).

Reccomended Maps:
'Blade: Temple of La Magra' by LordKaz (like.. duh)
'Matrix: Sparring Program' by DEADLOCK
'Matrix: Subway Showdown' by LordKaz
'Bushido Map Pack' by SatansMaster
'Moria II - Dwarrowdelf (v2)' by IMP.CAES
'Cathedral' by Script
'Shinra Mansion' by Sephiroth__VII
'Mortal Kombat 2 Green Acid Map' by Shinobi

Reccomended Weapon Packs:
'Laghima's Melee Pack 1' by Laghima
'Lord of the Rings KOTORMRJay Pack' by KOTORMRJay


1 - This MOD was not tested to work on it's own. It WILL work in theory, but to gain the full experiance you will need the JKII: Dragon Remix Endgame Edition file. The Music Packs are not needed but are cool.

2 - I have NO idea how this mod will effect other MODS. By default anything that was compatable with JediPLUS should work with this MOD.

[Legal Disclamer]

1 - Knowing me I probably forgot someone. If you see elemets of you own work in this MOD that has not been cretited let me know ASAP and I'll provide due credit.

2 - In no way am I suggesting that I sigularly created any of the skins or models. I don't plan to take credit for this MOD, rather I just want to push for more SP MODs.

3 - Fell free to use any aspect of this MOD, but know full well that it's based on other people's work. Contact me for credit questions.