Dueler's Mod 1.4

By Lee Oattes
Date: 10-27-2003




Title : Duelers Mod 1.4
Author : Lee Oattes
E-Mail : oattes@not4hire.net
Website :

File Name : Duelers1_4.zip
File Size : 5.2 MB
Date Released : Sept 30 2003

Description : Duelers Mod

Comments : source code is available



To use the mod, uzip the archive into your GameData directory. Then, connect to a
server running duelers! WARNING: move any older version of the duelers folder aside
(or delete it). Leaving old files laying about, particularly animations.pk3 is not


See the Contents.txt file for detailed information about the contents of this
distribution and suggestions on how you might use it.


The Duelers mod started out life as FFAMod and had a similar set of features
as JediMod/JediPlus. The first key new feature of FFAMod was to support multiple
duel types in a FFA context. As things developed, it became clear that the real
focus of this mod was to enhance the saber only dueling experience of the JK2
free for all game type while also providing many of the cool features of other
mods. This focus on saber only dueling will remain and expand as the Duelers mod
is developed.

There are two major modes for Duels. The first mode is an unorganized mode in an
FFA type game. Folks just hang out and duel as they wish. The second mode is the
organized tournament mode where duelers battle each other sequentially.

The unorganised dueling mode allows you to select your opponents as you wish and
when you wish. You do not have to wait for the completion of a current duel to
start another duel. You can also watch other folks duel without the need to
"spectate". A large disadvantage of this mode has been that you could not have
more than a just a saber duel -- e.g. no throwing and no force powers. Duelers mod
solves this problem by allowing the combatants (rather than the server admin)
to decide what type of duel they wish to have. Duelers mod also enhances this
with full interference free duel support. You can experience your duels as if
you and your opponent were alone on the current map.

The organised dueling mode provides a tournament environment where everyone has
to duel against the best dueler. A large disadvantage of this mode is that
duelers have to wait for their turn in the sequence. Duelers mod solves this
problem by using the same non-interference code as developed for the unorganized
duelling mode to support multiple simultaneous duels in a tournament style. In
short, duelers implements new logic for the Tournament mode (gametype 3). This
new logic maintains a ladder of players based on their current score and
automatically sets up matches between players who are "close" to each other
on the ladder. This works just like a standard sports ladder where you must
challenge and defeat players close to you to earn the right to play (or become)
the best player.


Full docs are avaiable in Duelers-Documenation/index.htm. Detailed Credits are
also provided in this documentation for contributors to the Duelers effort.


New in version 1.4

- there is a new hilt pack (similar to the old one, but with no sword-like hilts).
- there is a new sound mod (based on JK1 sounds).
- there is a re-worked background screen shot (from the same image base).
- other than these items... there are no other changes.
- the only reason for this release is to replace all work done by Marker (at his

New in version 1.3.1

- this version provides a few bug fixes and special request features
- a clanpass feature has been added to allow private clan chat in the FFA gametype.
Use the "team" chat button to talk privately with your clanmates. You will need
to set the c_clP cvariable to match the server side clan password (m_clP)
in order to use the private chat.
- two types of admin are now supported. A subadmin type has been added. The server admin
controls the admin commands that are available to each type of admin. Use the same
c_aP cvariable to provide your password. If you match the main admin password (m_aP) you
are given full admin access. If you match the subadmin password (m_saP) you are given
a subset of admin commands to use.
- allow duels in team mode games (if m_tgd is 1 -- the default)
- new admin command (setmap) for setting the map without votes or rcon access.
- more IP address logging: when players join a map and when players change name.
- see the CHANGES.TXT file for bugs fixed or minor feature changes.

From version 1.3:

- extended voting capabilities to allow admins to define new voting options to
change mod and/or server settings. UI for voting has been changed to support
server/admin specified voting capablities.
- voting can be allowed or disallowed for individual vote types. m_rV is now a bit
field. Default setting (m_rV=530) allows only map changes, kicking players and the new
mod control voting.
- client customizable roll animation. UI setup available to select perferred roll
animations. Alternately, animations can be controlled by client side cvars.
- key bind scanning can be enabled to prevent clients from using macros
to execute special moves. (eg. kick, blue special, etc.)
- 10 new emotes added, thanks Mike! Note: "stand" has been removed.
- colour added to crosshair information in non-team based gametypes.
- cvars for eliminating grapple and jetpack from duels in FFA have been added
- IP addresses are logged on connect
- all admin command usage on other players is logged
- thunder sounds when admin commands are used (LOL). Thunder and screen shaking are
heard/seen only when close to the client affected by the admin command.
- admin commands can be individually masked to allow/disallow their use
- partial client names (substrings) can be used in admin commands (if un-ambiguous)
- teleport to location admin command added
- spectating no longer sets your score to zero (but may cost you a score point in
some gametypes).
- new cvar m_aa (allActivity) to make g_timeouttospec and g_inactivity timers consider
any client activity rather than just motion and attack.
- NOTE: client cvariable for admin password has changed from admin_password to c_aP.
Update your configuration if you are an admin on a server!
- many other fixes and small changes (see CHANGES.TXT)

From version 1.2.1:

- 1.2.1 is a bugfix and tuning release to 1.2.
- several basejk game bugs have been eliminated
- A "showmotd" admin command has been added.
- the g_timeouttospec cvar now works (default is 60 secs).
- restrict votes to map changes only (m_rv 2).
- switching to spectator no longer sets your score to zero.
- See the CHANGES.TXT file for further information on changes.

From version 1.2:

- all mod cvar names have been changed. Shorter names were required to overcome buffer
limitations of the quake engine code. The cvars are cryptic but functional. See the
full documentation for new cvar names.
- Totally new tournament game type. Players are assigned duels in a multi-duel,
non-interference context. They duel as if alone on the map by using the
non-interference code introduced in Duelers 1.1. Players are ranked on a ladder
by score. Only players of adjacent ranks are assigned duels with each other
just like a real sports ladder.
- Multiple concurrent duels are assigned if possible so wait time for your
next duel is reduced. However, you will not be assigned a re-match with
a player that you just finished dueling.
- If you are waiting for an duel partner, you may compete with other
players also waiting or just watch other duels in progress. Any kills
while waiting are not counted in your score. FFA play can also be disabled.
- Best of N matches are supported.
- You may switch to be a spectator at any time. However, if currently
in a duel match, you will forfeit the match. Becoming a spectator also
will set your current score to 0 and you must regain your rank when you
are ready to play again. You will not be included in any new duels while
a spectator.
- You may also kill yourself at any time. This will forfeit any match in
progress but will not reset your score to 0. When you re-spawn, you will
be assigned the first available duel match.
- The minimum player distance from each other on the ladder for assigning
duel matches can be configured.
- Enhanced scoreboard information and crosshair target data to show current dueling
- The scoreboard also provides score, wins, and losses information in
Tournament mode.
- Wins and losses accumulate through the map. Scoring is done by winning a
match. Your score will be reset if you become a spectator.
- Enhanced support for duel non-interference when full weapons are enabled.
- For an FFA game that means much better isolation even if non saber
weapons are allowed in the game. However, duels are still saber only.
- For a tournament game, you can use full weapons in near total isolation.
Since there are more players on the map than just two, you may notice
other players indirectly, say by seeing items disappear. You may still
collect weapons and ammo while dueling and players may start the duel
with different quantity and quality of weapons, so keep moving and
collecting weapons between duels!
- Playing one on one with full weapons on an FFA map is a lot of fun. With the
new tournament game, you can all play at the same time, but be able to focus
on one-vs-one battles -- the removes the problem(?) with full weapons FFA where
some players just wait until your back is turned and then rocket you, snipe you
or otherwise back stab you!
- New hilt pack with carefully adapted hilts to ensure fair gameplay (with reach, etc.)
- Selecting a hilt from the UI will now set both of your hilts. You may still have
two different hilts, if desired, by using the console commands "hilt" and "hilt2".
- Selecting a reverse hilt in the UI will provide a reversed hilt (and saber blade)
for the left hand.
- New cvariable for realistic player scalling. Small players are faster but hit more
lightly. Large players are slow but hit hard. See full documenation for more details.
- New cvariable for scaling damage when shields are exhausted.
- New cvariable to set the speed of the grapple as it is extended.
- New cvariable to set the speed of the player as the grapple is retracted
- Grapples make sound when flying.
- Name change cheat limits. Many servers, particularly tournament servers,
compile long term statistics. Some players attempt to thwart these statistics
by changing their name before they are killed so that the server logs will not
contain any losses attributable to them. In order to combat this abuse a new
cvar m_nCL has been created.
- if m_nCL is 1, name changes are only allowed when you
have maximum health points.
- if m_nCL is 2, name changes are not allowed at all once
you connect to the server.
- New BAN code has been implemented. Banned IP addresses are not stored in a file
rather than a cvar. This eliminates server crashes (from bad code) and the limited
number of banned IP addresses that can be contained in a cvar. The full set of 1024
IP filters may now be used.
- A new graphics effect to show frozen players has been added.
- When m_dXT is 1, the free for all or tournament map will not exit
until the duel (or duel match) is completed. However, no new duels may be started.
- Duel stats can be limited to the players in the duel only.
- Dual Blade and Dual Sabers commands now work without turning off the saber first.
- some mild tweaking of the single kick code to reduce the number of times you kick
when intending to use a special attack (eg. flip attack).
- jetpack can be restricted to Mercs only just like grapple.
- jetpack and grapple no_weapon cvariables have been enhanced. See m_jpnw and m_gwnw
cvariable info.
- if you hook on to another player or moving element of the map, the grapple will now
track motion and continue to pull you towards the object as it moves. For fun, grapple
the ship in Nar Shadda Streets!
- if you allow clients to set character scale and they want to return to the defaults
at some point, use "size 0.0".

From version 1.1:

- admin system for managing unruly players: console commands and equivalent "guns"
- new core and blade options for fancy colours including black.
- much cleanup and improvement of the UI
- two levels of fuel consumption rate for the jetpack
- duel stats are provided as messages
- additional force mastery rank for more force points
- full interference free dueling: you can't see, hear or interact with other players
while dueling.
- see full documentation package or CHANGES.txt file for more details.

From version 1.0:

- new roll animations.
- new saber sounds.
- grapple code has been changed to not overload +use key. Also, using the grapple
will holster your saber (by default).
- jetpack has been added. The jetpack uses shield energy as fuel (by default). Use
of the jetpack will holster your saber (by default).
- access to bindings for grapple, jetpack and saber control have been added to the
user interface
- private duels have been enhanced to support three types of duel: standard,
standard with throw allowed, and full force duels that include kick damage and
all force powers.
- at the beginning of a duel, full health is restored, shields are set to full
power and force mana is topped up to the maximum. Sabers will not auto-ignite
at the start of the duel to allow you to make the appropriate flourish ;-).
- message of the day capability. The message is shown to players when they first
join a game and after a new map is started. The duration of this message can be
set -- default is 10 sec.
- voting can be restricted (the default) to allow only map changes and to kick
players who are mis-behaving.
- the range at which a duel is severed because players are too far apart can be
- the selection of bots that can be added to the game can be restricted to the
standard game characters (this is the default)
- serial rotation through the taunts rather than random selection.
- support for independent core and glow saber colours. This also includes some new
shaders for the saber trails to produce two trails, one for the core and one for the glow.
- one-click kicking
- adjusted height of yellow, orange and purple jump attacks to position the attack
more appropriately based on target height.
- free for all maps won't end if a duel is in progress
- default settings support balanced play between all saber styles.

Duelers mod has many of the key features of Jedimod. These include:

- dual and dual bladed sabers.
- enhanced colour control over sabers
- access to additional stances and special attacks
- kick in the air and flip off walls
- make choices about nerfing lunge and back attacks (1.03 vs 1.04)
- emotes and support for multiple taunts
- saber throw blocking/knockdown
- grappling hook

If you would like to suggest a feature or better yet, to feed me some code that implements your idea, feel free to contact me!