Movie Battles version 1.1

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By RenegadeOfPhunk
Date: 05-22-2003




Movie Battles : A Game Modification of Jedi Outcast � Jedi Knight II

Current version: 1.1 (Build 11)
Author: RenegadeOfPhunk


Updates from version 1.0 to version 1.1

* In the 'Join Server' menu, you can now filter for Movie Battles servers by selecting 'Movie Battles' on the 'Game' menu item.

Special Thanks To:

BloodRiot � for creating the (amazing) mandalorian models in the first place, but also for adjusting them so that the rocket-fire could be made to look realistic.
Also for making the new drone flags for CTF.

Jman3ooo (also known as SilentShadow) and Smood (also known as Diablo) for giving me both excellent advice as well as providing solid beta testing services ?

The Eternal � who provided most of the jetpack implementation and who helped me get to grips with the basics of JKII coding.

RazorAce, Azymnn and Wudan � all top notch developers who have helped me in various ways. Cheers guys.

How To Install The Mod:

� Extract the contents of the Movie file into your GameData directory (e.g. C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast/GameData). If you have an older version of the mod installed, you will be asked if you want to over-write the files which already exist. In which case, click on �Yes� for all the files to be over-written.

� Go to the Movie Battles website: Either download the Original Trilogy Models pack, OR download the models individually. (The models are listed here.). Extract all the models into your base folder. (e.g. C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast/GameData/base)

� To play the game in Prequel mode, you will need to download the prequel models to the same directory. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is not enough room on my site to host the prequel models pack. However, the models are listed on the site. Also, I will be looking to get this pack hosted on popular JKII sites in due course.

How To Run The Mod:


Select �Movie Battles� in the Setup -> Mods screen in the main menu.


Run the batch file called �Play Movie Battles� in your GamaData folder


Use the command line argument +set fs_game �Movie Battles�
e.g. C:/Program Files/ LucasArts/Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast/jk2mp.exe +set fs_game �Movie Battles�

The Basics of The Mod:

The mod has two basic aims:

� To make in-game combat more closely resemble action from the Star Wars movies.
� Deepen the basic gameplay with new features such as an LMS (Last Man Standing) system and classes.

I have added a section at the end of the document that highlights the main practical differences that can easily catch out players who are used to normal JKII�

Starting and Joining games
Starting a game follows the same process as in normal JKII. The only real difference is that certain options are now not available.
Just after joining a game, the �Join� menu will automatically appear (rather than the player menu), prompting you to select a team before choosing your player settings. This is because models are now team specific, and so you need to select your team before you can select your model. Of course, this is not applicable to non-team FFA games.

LMS (Last Man Standing)
Gameplay is now divided into gaming rounds � each round lasting several minutes. A counter is visible in the top-left corner of the screen. If you die during a gaming round, you will be taken out of play until the start of the next round. (There is one exception to this rule � the soldier class. Please see below�)
While waiting, you will be able to spectate the rest of the round as it plays out.
Rounds are over when either the timer runs out, or the objective of the game has been achieved by one of the teams.
The objectives are dependent on the gametype � and are as follows:

� FFA � to be the last man standing. The round will end when there is only one player left in the round.
� Team FFA � to eliminate all players on the other team. The round will end when all players on one team have been killed.
� Capture the Flag � to capture the flag, as normal, OR to eliminate all players on the opposite team. Either objective will end the round.
� Capture the Ysalimari � same as Capture the Flag.

Holocron, Jedi and Duel gaming modes are not currently supported.

There are four classes in the game. Each character model you can select when you set up your player has an associated class. To see what class a model corresponds to, select the model in the menu, and then check the name below the selection box. The class name will be shown before the model name.

Descriptions of the classes follow:


Health: 100
Armour: 0
Weapons: Lightsaber
Special Abilities: Force powers & saber combat
Speed: Average

This is the only class that has access to the lightsaber and force powers. Also, the Jedi does NOT have access to any other weapon or armour.

There are a few changes to force powers in this mod.
First of all, force powers which haven�t been considered �true� to the movies have been removed.. These are:

� Force Drain
� Force Rage
� Force Absorb
� Force Protection
� Force Team Heal
� Saber throw (see below�)

There are also some other small tweaks:

� Force pull only works on one person (at any level) and you must be looking directly at them for it to work.
� Mind trick no longer turns you invisible. Instead, enemies are tricked into thinking you are their friend! They cannot shoot in your direction, or cause you damage in any other way. The effect stops after a preset time, or if you attack anybody on the opposing team. (At this point, your enemies will realise that something fishy is going on!). This power does NOT work on Jedi�s. (Only the weak-minded are affected!)
� Heal has been reduced in power. (In an LMS game, this is a VERY effective power, and the normal settings were considered too high).
� When deflecting blaster shots and enemy saber attacks, force manna is used up. The amount used depends on your saber defence level. A low defence level means a lot of manna used per block, while a high defence level means a small amount of manna used per block. Also, whether you have your defense key pressed also makes a difference to the manna used � see below.

Saber combat has also been tweaked in several ways:

� �Short� saber locks can now occur during normal saber combat. (i.e. outside of duels). This is mainly to try and make saber combat look more authentic.
� The Saber Throw power has been removed, and in it�s place, the right mouse button is used for �Saber Defense�. When pressed, the blocking angle in front of you within you will successfully block enemy fire or saber attacks increases. And also, you use much less manna with each bock when your defense button is held. However, when pressed, you also slow to a walking pace. This is not only for class balance, but to encourage movie-like action. (It is very rare to see a Jedi blocking while running at full pace in the movies�). When pressed, saber defense also blocks force lightning attacks.

Health: 50
Armour: 25
Weapons: Pistol, Blaster, Thermal Detonator (per spawn)
Special Abilities: Extra re-spawns
Speed: Slow

The soldier class has a low amount of health, compensated slightly by some light armour. They also have a limited weapon selection.
Their advantage, however, comes from the fact that they get two extra lives, or �re-spawns� per round. The number of lives remaining is displayed at the top-left corner of the screen, just below the round timer.
When another player kills a soldier, it will only count towards his kill count if the soldier has no more re-spawns left. So, the first two times a soldier dies in a round, it will not count towards anybody else�s score. Players have to kill the soldier while he has no re-spawns left to get a point.
The same is true of the soldiers death count. It is only increased when the soldier loses his last life in the round.

The soldier has a quick-fire thermal button (set in the �Other� category of controls).
This fires the thermal a set distance in front of the player, and is set to detonate on impact.

Health: 100
Armour: 0
Weapons: Pistol, Blaster, Disruptor, Thermal Detonators (3)
Special Abilities: Regenerating Health, Dodge Ability
Speed: Fast

This class represents characters such as Han Solo, Lando and Chewbacca. These are characters who, equipped with no armour and fairly standard weapons - can survive seemingly impossible odds.
To represent this, the hero class is able to regenerate health, enabling them to survive damage that would quickly eliminate other classes.
However, if the Hero�s health drops below particular thresholds, their health cannot then rise above it again. These thresholds are 75, 50 and 25.

Also, the hero has an innate dodging ability. The blue bar at the bottom right shows your current dodge ability. A full bar will allow 2 blaster or disruptor shots to be dodged consecutively. After that, you can be shot as per normal. To dodge more shots, your dodge potential needs to be given time to re-charge.
Note, your dodge potential will not recharge while your health is recharging.

The hero has a quick-fire thermal button (set in the �Other� category of controls).
This fires the thermal a set distance in front of the player, and is set to detonate on impact.

Health: 100
Armour: 50
Weapons: Pistol, Blaster, Disruptor, 1 Rocket.
Special Abilities: Jetpack
Speed: Slow

This class represents an ancient race which developed sophisticated weapons and equipment to help them fight and survive. Boba and Jango Fett, while not of the Mandalorian race themselves, used the same equipment with as much competence as any of the true Mandalorians had�

The most unique piece of equipment the mandalorian has access to is the jetpack! The jetpack key can now be assigned in the main menus. When activated, smoke will billow from the jetpack. However, you will not take off until you leave the ground � either by jumping, or walking off an edge.
Simply point yourself in the direction you wish to go and hit forward (or backward). You can turn / strafe as normal. Jump will increase you upwards acceleration, while duck decreases it.

The mandalorian can also fire the rocket placed in top of his jetpack. This is achieved any time during a given round by pressing the �Fire Rocket� key - also shown in the controls menu. When pressed, the player will perform a summersault jump, firing the rocket in the middle of the leap.
You only have one rocket available for the round � so use it wisely!

Other Changes

There is now a �sprint� button. (Set in the �Other� category of controls).
This is a toggle action button. Press once to start sprinting, and then press again to stop. You can also stop sprinting by walking, crouching or going into defence mode. (Jedi)
While sprinting, your running speed is increased. Your player can maintain sprint speed for up to 20 seconds. For every second spent sprinting, you must spend half those number of seconds resting � which means being restricted to walking.
You MAY try to force yourself to run again while resting, but if you have not rested enough, you will not be able to sprint for a full 20 seconds again. Only when you have rested enough so that jogging is possible again can you activate sprint for the full 20 seconds.

Moving slowly now means your character will not make any footstep sounds, allowing for stealth play�

Gun damage amounts, as well as being slightly randomised, are now also multiplied if the shot hits your opponent in certain areas of the body:

Head shot = x3 damage
Chest = x2 damage
Normal damage everywhere else

The Jedi�s left and right roll moves have been replaced with cartwheel and flip jumps.
If in defence mode, cartwheels will be performed.
If not in defence mode, flips will be performed.

New cvars

g_roundTime: (default 3)

This determines the length of rounds. Valid settings are between 2 and 4.
An extra minute is automatically added for team games. (i.e. the range for team games is between 3 and 5)

g_timePeriod: (default 3)

This determines which models are available to be selected in the game:

EU models = 1
Original Trilogy models = 2
Prequel models = 4

These values can be combined. For example, the default setting is 3, which equals EU models & OT models. (1 + 2)
To have access to all models, set the value to 7 � although remember you should have all the models for all time periods downloaded, otherwise your going to have the Kyle model substituted for any you have not downloaded � which could look strange!

g_botclass: (default 0)

This cvar determines which class bots will be spawned as. The possible valid settings are as follows:

0: Random
1: Soldier
2: Jedi
3: Hero / Mandalorian

Things to watch out for
� If you change your model to a different class while actively playing in a round, you will commit suicide and be taken out of the round. This needs to be done, since changing your class forces your character to reset. It is therefore advisable to wait until in-between rounds to change either your team or class details�
� The Mandalorian has limited jetpack fuel. So, like the Jedi in relation to force powers, Mandalorians should only use their jetpacks when necessary, otherwise you will quickly run out of fuel and be jetpack-less for the rest of the round�
� I have not spent an excessive amount of time making sure the bots are effective players. As a result, playing against bots will not show you the full potential of the mod. To fully appreciate the gameplay, you MUST play online with other human players.