JediMod v1.2 CPA Edition (1.2)

By Kyojinmaru
Date: 07-05-2013
Version: 1.2




// JediMod

This mod includes all of Tchouky's code for rgb sabers and model scaling.

Title: JediMod Official v1.2 Community Addon Pack Edition

Author: Dest, Tchouky & Ask (main coding), Kyojinmaru (UI)

File Name:

Date Released: 26/02/11

Description: This is the most advanced version JediMod to date.

Here is JediMod v1.2. This is the official version of JediMod.

Main Features:

New stuff in 1.2 CAP Edition:
-Amazing new community addons pack specially for JediMod v1.2
with 14 new models with alternative skins, 12 new hilts
and 4 new maps.

-New UI, now you can change many JediMod option in the menus.

-Vanilla blades for rgb sabers.

Other stuff in JediMod:
-22 new emotes! For a total of 31 emotes!

-Multiple Taunt Sounds!

-New move for green style if your using only one saber.

-mod_cheatprotection variable that makes it so players can't change models
if they are close to other players.

-Bots can now use hilts.

-No more file size limit on tckmodel.cfg

-This is a full version so you don't need JediMod 1.0 or JediMod 1.1 installed.

-Can wield two sabers at once.

-Hilt models can be selected like player models.

-Two added stances with new special moves for five stances total.

-You can search for JediMod games by hitting the all/Jedi Knight II game toggle button.

-Skill mode, toggled with mod_skillMode, causes damage to be area specific. So if you get hit in the head
it does 2x damage while getting hit in the legs does 0.9x damage

Installation: Unzip into the GameData folder. All of the files inside of the zip should end up in the folder

Execution: Select the JediMod v1.2 in the mod setup screen.
Or use the command line argument +set fs_game jedimod
ex. "C:LucasArtsStar Wars JK II Jedi OutcastGameDatajk2mp.exe" +set fs_game jediMod

Comments: Remember that you can only play this mod if the server has it and is running it.

-This mod is opensource, feel free to improve upon it.

-Have Fun!

-Thanks to Azymn for his color preview saber.

// Community Addon Pack

This pack includes 14 new models with alternative skins, 12 new hilts and 4 new maps.

I've made new icons for skins, hilts and maps, fix vanilla bots and made new ones,
fix some skin shaders, and fix hilts ignition points. I haven't included voices for
the new characters, these sounds ripped from the movies doesn't fit in the game.

I have made this pack specially for jediMod 1.2, but you can use it with vanilla game.

New Models and Skins:
Yoda (by Kinja, Sithlord II & Arco)

Mace Windu (by Toonces & Arco)
-For robed version type /model windu/robed in the console.

Qui-Gon Jinn (by Tex360, Toonces & Arco)
-For robed version type /model qui-gon/robed in the console.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (by Tex360, Toonces & Arco)
-For robed version type /model obi-wan/robed in the console.

Ben Kenobi (by Kevin Coyle)
-For hooded version type /model ben/hooded in the console.
-For robeless version type /model ben/robeless in the console.

Han Solo (by Major Clod)

Chewbacca (by Major Clod)

Palpatine (by Toonces & Sithlord II)

Darth Vader (by Sithlord II, Cheshire & Arco)
-For helmless version type /model vader/helmless in the console.

Count Dooku (by Toonces, Kman, Luuke & Garik Loran)

Darth Maul (by Cheshire)

Exar Kun (by Sithlord II, Omar Torres Jr. & Absath)

Mara Jade (by Edward Peretti)

Jerec (by Madjai & Inbredyokel)

Dark Kyle (by DarthPhae)
-Type /model kyle/dark in the console.

New hilts:
Yoda hilt (by The FallenAngel_NYC)
-Type /hilt2 yoda in the console for second hilt.

Mace Windu hilt (by Chrono & Adonai)
-Type /hilt2 windu in the console for second hilt.

Qui-Gon Jinn hilt (by Mau'Dae)
-Type /hilt2 qui-gon in the console for second hilt.

Obi-Wan Kenoby hilt (by MeLoN)
-Type /hilt2 obi-wan in the console for second hilt.

Ben Kenobi hilt (by MonkeyKungFu)
-Type /hilt2 ben in the console for second hilt.

Darth Vader hilt (by Sithlord II)
-Type /hilt2 vader in the console for second hilt.

Count Dooku hilt (by MonkeyKungFu)
-Type /hilt2 dooku in the console for second hilt.

Darth Maul hilt (by Vent Gala)
-Type /hilt2 maul in the console for second hilt.

Exar Kun hilt (by Sish_Sadeet)
-Type /hilt2 kun in the console for second hilt.

Mara Jade Hilt (by Edward Peretti)
-Type /hilt2 mara in the console for second hilt.

Jerec hilt (by Quamosity)
-Type /hilt2 jerec in the console for second hilt.

Qu Rahn hilt (by Quamosity)
-Type /hilt2 rahn in the console for second hilt.

New maps:

Cloud City (Carbon Freeze beta, by Livingdeadjedi)

Theed Generator (FFA Episode1, by Livingdeadjedi)

Jabba's palace (Jabbas Palace v2, by Livingdeadjedi)

Vader's Chamber (Darth Vaders Chamber, by Livingdeadjedi)

I want to thank all these authors for his awesome work, this haven't been possible without
them, I've only made a minimal part to unite all his work in this pack. Thanks!