Masters of the Force (R2)

By OJP Team
Date: 03-19-2003
Version: R2




Masters of the Force
Release 2: "Not Promod"
"We should congratulate George Lucas, Anakin looked almost lifelike in ep2."

Authors: The MotF Team. See Credits.
Team Homepage: None. Use the Official MotF Forum at This is where the team posts. Post anywhere else and it probably won't be read by the team.
Team Email:

Included Files:

MotF.pk3 - Main MotF File
readme.txt - This document
trueview.cfg - True View Eye Adjuster Configure File
cvar.txt - MotF Cvar Manual


Unzip to the /gamedata directory in your Jedi Knight 2 game directory. Be sure to preserve the subfolders when unzipping.




From release 2:

- True View, first person view for the saber and weapons which follows the actual player model, strictly client-side.

- Ghoul2 hit detection / hitzones.
Also improved the server/client ghoul2 models. This translates to much better hit detection.

- New explosive damage modeling.

- Weapons are now partially hitable (You can't hit the weapon unless the attack would go also go the player entity bounding box. There's no in game effect other than transfering damage to the player. We'll add distructable weapons soon.

- Fixed Flacette secondary fire, no longer shoots the user in the face (!?).

- The weapon missiles now start at the end of the weapon barrel.

- The crosshair is now based on a more realistic system of tracking the end of the gun barrel.

- Saber interplotation code improved. The New Interplotation has full ghoul2 hit and hitzone. This means better hit detection.

- several minor bugs fixed
roll animation exit bug fixed
bolt positioning bug fixed

- Cvar Changes

New Cvars:

True View Cvars:


Removed Cvars:

g_saberTraceSaberFirst - New saber interplotation code doesn't use this anymore.
cg_fpls - Replaced by True View.

Changed Cvars:

bot_honorableduelacceptance is no longer a cheat cvar and is on by default.

The chance of dismemberment chance was WAY too low. Dismember will now always occurs if it can.
(g_dismember = 100 and cg_dismember = 2.)

cg_fov: Max value increased from 97 to 180.


From Release 1

- Dodge
New form of protection.

- Lethal Weapon Damage
All weapons are LETHAL. Almost all weapons can and will kill you in one shot. You must use your skills and Dodge ability to survive.

- All Damage Adjusters Removed (Except for Force Rage's)
Damage now affects everyone exactly the same.

- Faster Weapons
To more accurately depict weapon combat from the movies, all the weapon speeds have been drastically increased. This includes throwing distance for the Thermal Detonators.

- New Cvar Defaults
g_ghoul2sabercollision, g_dismember (full), and cg_dismember (full) are all on by default.

- NO new cvars
Everything has been set up for optimal play as is. We don't want to see 50 zillion different servers with different settings. All the cvars are currently cheat protected so you may play with them if you want. Cvars will be made availible based on demand.

- The E11 Repeater Secondary Fire now acts like the Primary Fire for game balance.

- New Sentry Gun Explosion behavior


Reason for being and overview:

Masters of the Force is a MOD that came from the need to make Jedi Knight 2 more than it is. We felt that even though RavenSoft had done a decent job at making the game, there were many things that could have been done even better. Our main issue was the ambience that the game generated. It appealed more to players coming from games such as CounterStrike and UT instead of players that wanted a game that recreated the Star Wars "experience".

Other issues were related to the poor handling of various aspects of the gameplay, such as saber combat. RavenSoft apparently had tried to simply build on a platform (The previous Jedi Knight-Dark Forces games) which now is dated, and attempting to make up for it by placing it in a newer engine. This lack of true innovation is what has led many to attempt to 'fix' Jedi Knight 2 to what they thought was what RavenSoft should have done from the beginning.

This was especially prevalent with the saber combat system. It has been a target for numerous discussions in the Jedi Knight 2 community. On one side, people were happy with the system that Ravensoft had devised, and on the other people argued that it was too random and not faithful to the movies.

Other Mods (game modifications) have focused their efforts on reducing the randomness of the game. We, however, felt that the randomness was only a small part of a larger problem. Fixing the saber combat system is one step in the right direction, but not enough to make the game itself a truly rewarding experience.

As such, we are currently striving to bring the "feel" of the Star Wars to Jedi Knight 2. Since we believe that Star Wars is a direct result of George Lucas's vision, we are basing this Mod primary on what Lucas has directly influenced, the movies.


Staff Needs:

We have pretty of stuff to do on this project. If you're a dedicated individual interested in improving the JK2 play, please contact us.


Known Issues/Bugs:

The first shotfrom a gun, after running around, seems to be inaccurate. Waiting a few seconds helps. This is most obvious with the Secondary on the Disruptor.

Kicks still cause knockdown even when dodged.

The numarical Dodge Meter can only go up to 999. The visual bar seems to continue to work for larger numbers.

Lag causes several visual features, mainly Dodge/Dodge Hops, to be jumpy/visually poor.


Release Schedule:

The MotF Team has decided to release features as we impliment them to let the community enjoy our Mod while at the same time improving the mod with user feedback. We'll try to make the mod as small as possible so those with 56ks won't have to be left out. As such, all the extra content, such as models, maps, etc. will be left out and released seperately.



Main Design: Razor Ace, Ytmh
Additional Design: ASk

Documentation: Razor Ace
Additional Documentation: Ytmh

Code: Razor Ace
Additional Code: ASk


Team Lead/Creator: Razor Ace

Special Thanks:
Coding Assistance: TCK, ASk, Jaii der Herr, Code3Arena, Darth Syrup
Raven Software (for the game)
Id Software (for the engine)
My family (Razor Ace)
Myself (Ytmh)
Google ("THE Infinite Source of Knowledge")
Jaii der Herr (for sharing the secret of the ghoul2 surface -> hitzone relationship)



All the included material is the property of the MotF Team. You may freely distribute it as long as you do not charge money or profit financially from it. However, we are curious as to who is hosting this, so please send us a email if you do. We reserve the right to our ideas, concepts, and work. You must receive written approval from Razor Ace before you may use our material. Source material has been pulled from Jedi Knight 2 and Lucasfilm's Star Wars universe and they have their own rights to it. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Source Code:

Due to rampent cut and paste modding, we're going with a source-for-work system. If you want some of the MotF code, you gotta provide something equal in value for it. We're not going to let people leech our hardwork.

This was written on recycled bytes.