ProMod (3.1)

By Artifex
Date: 02-01-2003
Version: 3.1



Promod 3.1 Release Notes
Changes to version 3.1
The Style Trumping system is reversed. Red will trump Yellow, Yellow will trump Blue, Blue will trump Red. This is because you have to spend more points to buy access to the stronger Stances. If I spend the points on Level 3 saber offense, then I should be able to use my most expensive style to trump someone else's most expensive style who only bothered to buy level 2 saber offense. The trump bonuses themselves will remain the same. (+5/-5) This just makes more sense, and will get people to use all three stances more often rather than just sticking with the nearly-all-purpose Yellow stance.
Blue stance damage has been raised to 35 points.
The Wookie Bowcaster has its shot velocity increased by 25% for level 2 proficiency, 50% for level 3 proficiency, and 75% for level 4 proficiency. Rate of fire timing, damage, and charging rate remain as they were.
Jetpack will now refuel on respawn.
Gamedirectory is correctly reported in ASE, qtracker, and other server browsers.
In a Saber-only game, players will not recieve free Force Fields or Seeker Drones.
Force Lightning will have extended range, and will destroy explosives (Golan balls, Rockets, thermals, Repeater alt-fire) in midair.
All bots will be modified to remain in character with the Promod rules. i.e.: Bespin Cop will never use force powers or a saber; Desann will never use a gun or gadgets.
CTF flag-status icons have been moved up slightly to not conflict with the CSC bonus meters.
Jetpackers can no longer use their jetpack while they are in the fall-down animation.
Many other minor changes.
Installation Notes
Simply unzip this file into your {jk2 install directory}/GameData directory. Everything else is taken care of for you. All directory structures and files should be placed correctly, assuming that you haven't deliberately disabled extracting the file with its directory structure intact. The final file structure should look like this:
{jk2 install dir}/Gamedata/Promod3.1/Promod3.1.pk3
{jk2 install dir}/Gamedata/Promod3.1.bat
If you have problems with white screens and error messages when you start the game, it's most likely because you don't have the latest version of jedi outcast installed. The most current patch available is version 1.04, and it is required for Promod to run correctly. You can download it here. Install the patch, and Promod should run fine.
Starting Promod 3.1
There are several ways of starting Promod 3.1:
You can double-click the {jk2 install dir}/Gamedata/Promod3.1.bat file and that will load you directly into the mod. You'll know you're in the right place when you see the new Promod 3.1 main menu image. Just use the in-game server browser from there to find a Promod 3.1 server, and don't forget to click on the game filter category to select the Promod3.1-only filter, then hit "refresh" to make things easier on yourself.
You can start the multiplayer jk2 game normally, then select Setup->Mods->Promod3.1 from the main menu system. This will load Promod in the place of the normal verison. Again, use the in-game browser to find a Promod 3.1 server.
Use a third-party game browser such as QTracker or The All-Seeing Eye(which has a Promod-specific filter, nonetheless) to get a full listing of jk2 servers, then sort them by mod name. This is the way I recommend, as it's very easy to save favorites, see who's playing, and even keep track of any buddies you have playing jk2.
How to Play Promod 3.1
The Promod home page, contains a wealth of information about the new aspects of Promod over the normal version of the game, and strategy guides written by myself, and some of the top Promod players. This information will be a huge help for those who truly want to master the new combat system.
For Further Help
The homepage has a great forum that many Promod player frequent, and are very willing to answer questions with a minimum of flaming. Registration isn't even mandatory. Go there first with your questions, but if you can't seem to