uNreal Duel

By Enemy Within
Date: 01-05-2007




uNreal Duel
Game :Jedi Outcast
Title :uNreal Duel
Author :Enemy Within
Version :1.0

File Name :unreal_duel.pk3
File Size 2.81 MB
Music :None
Custom Textures :Yes
Bot Support :Yes


This is a fairly simple duel map that I was making just for fun and it was never intended
it to be released. However, I distributed the map anyway to some of the peeps in the Jk2 duel
communitity and was told it was a fun map to duel in. So upon request, I am having it posted
on JK2files. I hope you have some fun with this map.

Installation Instuctions
Extract file into Lucasarts/Gamedata/base folder.