Duel Force

By eyeronik
Date: 08-14-2002




Map by eyeronik



Bot Support: Yes
Types: Duel


Note: This is not a beta, this is a
final release (barring unforseen errors)

The bots are not perfect and were
a nightmare to do, if you fancy making your
own please do, the only problem they have is they
dont seem to jump onto the main platform much
however I placed a lot of spawn points on it so
that they spawn there a lot if you want to fight on
the platform. Remember though the map is best with
humans :) Have fun!


Install Instructions

1. Once youve unzipped into temp folder, place
\"duel_force.pk3\" into your GameData/base folder
where you can see other pk3 files such as assets0


To play against bots, create server and to play
choose \"The Force\"


Copyright eyeronik 2002