Unity Temple

By -shaggy-
Date: 06-18-2005





Title : Unity~Duel

Author : Shaggy (Unity~Shaggy)

Author contact : shaggy.8@gmail.com

File Name : unity_duel.pk3

File Size : 25.1 MB

Date Released : Sunday, June 12, 2005

Instructions : Just put the pk3 file in you GameData\base folder.

Shaggy's message : I've made many maps... just fooling around with the program a bit and this is the actual first map i have released, of course, for the Unity~ clan. I thanks Nat for keeping me in the clan and suporting me, and i thank everyone that helped me release this map. There is a secret in this map... nothing spetial. If you have any good ideas for maps just email me. ENJOY!!!