Kektik: Mystique

By Kris
Date: 06-20-2002




Raven Software: The awesome game.

The usual stuff no one bothers to read...

Atmosphere: Just north of �The Aquatics�, Mystique is a small abandoned base. Out in the cold, the base is slowly freezing over.
Gameplay Modes: Duel, Gun Duel
Supports: 2
Intended for: 1v1 matches
Recommended Specs: Geforce 2 MX 32meg, or above.

To Note:

This is a remake of a level I once made for Half-Life. It was my first released map ever, but it didn\'t take off as I never really made its presence known. After working on this map, I have decided to use it in part of a bigger free for all release later on down the track.

Originally I started off using custom textures, but they had to be scaled too big and caused distortion when lighting was put in place. Sad, because the textures were great and different. I have decided that in the bigger version of the map, I\'ll be using my own custom textures with their own little unique style :) What will it be? You\'ll have to wait and see.

This map wasn\'t beta tested; I don\'t really see the need for it. It\'s tiny, simple and easy to spot any problems. Bots run fine on my system, hope there are no problems on your end either.

As with the Half-Life version, this map was created in two days time. Pretty much 24 hours exactly. Would of been even sooner had the textures come out the way I had planned.

What�s next?
The larger version of this map will most likely take priority as I\'m excited about the ideas I have for it.


Disclaimer crap:
Show some respect, don�t be a child and distribute this map in anyway that brings you profit. Do not claim credit for any of the work unless it is in fact yours � which only leaves Raven to do so. Oh, and Kai, but no Kai, you can�t have your platform back. It�s mine. I�d like to see you lift it.

Logos and trademarks are copyright to their respective owners. That means that this:

Is mine. Like it? I do. You can not touch it, smell it, drool on it, or do anything to it. Except use it as a link to my site :) In that case you may shrink it, stroke it and post it. Or just email me for a transparent version. Whatever tickles your fancy. I was trying to find a picture of Ravens logo, but failed. That is theirs too and they own all the rights to it, same with Lucas Arts.

Do not email Raven or LucasArts if you have issues with this map, it is mine and they don�t want to hear about your problems with it. Send them to my email below, don�t expect a reply if it comes across as being typed by a 4 year old.