Date: 07-19-2004




Readme File:[-S-]DuelZone
Creator: [-S-] JONNYBOY
E-mail: jonnyboy_207@hotmail.com
Compile time: about 10 mins
Time spent mapping: hours and hours
# of brushes: maybe about 35-50
Added textures: Yes
Added music: YES (Star Wars music yavin_final explore)
Bot support: nope
Game type support: Duel

Special thanks to:
Oh my god so many people to begin with,
-most of all, [-S-] Perseus he was the one who helped a whole lot
-Then [-S-] Proxxect help me get through the annoying times
-The Serenity clan as a whole for getting me way more into JK2
-Richdiesal's tutorial (taught me the basic's although could be a little
complicated at times)
-GTK 1.4.0 (great system) lets have an update though huh?

Ok this is a duel map as you can obviously tell from the title. I think it
has what every good duel map needs.
Ok let�s break it down shall we?
When you first start you appear in a little chamber the door goes down and
you see you opponent across the room. There is a spotlight on each one of
you (blue and red)
Then you see a platform above a main dueling area.
Then AH ha! This is where this becomes an original idea! There are 4 buttons
to one side of the dueling zone these buttons activate different things in
the map. (Like a trap door. getting rid of the second level (story) and
other stuff really nice feature you can customize the arena to your liking
it will stay like the way you pressed the button until the over all kill
limit is hit or 720 seconds are up)
This modification has nothing to do nor is affiliated with Lucas Arts

You are not allowed to use any part of this map unless you get promotion
from me. You can do that by emailing me. I REPEAT DO NOT USE ANY PART OF MY

Installation procedure:
Unzip the .zip file and and put the .pk3 in the c:/program files/Lucas
arts/Jedi outcast /gamedata/base folder then viola!

Personal note:
Ok this is my first map I have made and published. I think it has all the
elements that other duel maps (provided by Jedi outcast) lacks it gives you
the options you want to have a good time. If the map sucks horribly well
then email me and tell what I did wrong. Hopefully it is a great map.
Besides that enjoy! And have fun :)