Faceoff (2.0)

By TheMad
Date: 05-15-2002
Version: 2.0



Title: Faceoff version 2
File: duel_faceoff
Author: TheMad
Email address: maddabombz@hotmail.com.com
Build time: a couple days

Basic Info:

Duel map
No new graphics or sounds
My first JK2 map (hope you like it) :)
Its version 2 because my original version was too bright and ran really slowly, so I fixed those issues in this.

Known Bugs:
Makes slosh sound when running against the pipes along the sides of the map
Clipping error: can go through one of the walls if you approach it in just the right way (you probably won\'t
find it unless you\'re really looking for it)

Simply unzip duel_faceoff.pk3 into your GameData/base directory of your Jedi Knight 2 folder
and you will be able to select the map when you want to create a server.

Legal crap:

Don\'t modify this map in any way or distribute it without this text file.