Duel Academy / Jedi Training Grounds

By PurplWulf
Date: 04-28-2002



Duel_Academy by PurplWulf

Compiled with: JKIIRadiant
Compile time: approx 1 minute

Installation Instructions:
simply extract the pk3 file from the zip into your GameData/Base folder

Loading Instructions:
1. pull down the console using \" shift + ~ \" and type \"map duel_academy\" (without the quotes)

2. create a multiplayer game and choose the map from the FFA, Duel, or Team FFA menu\'s, just like the default maps from Raven that came with the game.

Map Description:

This is a simple map recreating the Jedi Training Arena from the yavin_temple map in the SinglePlayer game. (All credit goes to Raven for the look, concept, and design of the map and it\'s textures.)

It\'s usable in duel mode, FFA mode, and Team FFA mode, and all portions of the map are accessable with force powers turned off. IE: level 1 force jump

I recreated this map for use mainly by myself and friends for playing on, it\'s a saber only map, and unfortunately has no support for bot AI. you can spawn a bot on the map, but they will only jump around and attack wildly. All other aspects of the map work perfectly to my knowledge.

This map contains 6 deathmatch spawn points, and 1 single player spawn point for testing purposes. In FFA or Team FFA modes, it also contains 4 instant shield pickups, and four instant medpack pickups.