Duel Fire v1.3

By El Bjorno
Date: 11-08-2003




Thank you for downloading Duel Fire v1.3

Alias: El Bjorno
Email: bjornvanhaeren@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.bjornvanhaeren.tk

Unzip the enclosed file "duel_fire.pk3" and place it into the GameData\base folder
located in your Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast. This map is designed for use with Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast.

---MAP INFO---
Title: Duel Fire
Filename: duel_fire.bsp
Version: 1.3
Theme/Decor: Fire
Recommended players: Optimal for 2 players (Duel)
Respawn points: 2
pk3-File contains: duel_fire.bsp, duel_fire.arena, duel_fire1 & 2.jpg, firesound.mp3
Custom textures: No
Custom levelshot: Yes
Custom sounds: Yes

Base: This map I maded completely form scratch.
Editor: GtkRadiant-1.2.8-jk2
Utilities: Adobe PhotoShop 6.0 for levelshot
Known bugs: None, I think, but tell me if you find any.
Build time: A couple weeks.
Release date: 04 October 2003
Added comment: Please don't step into the fire or on the black behind the fire, or u will die very quickly.

.BSP file copyright (c) 2003 El Bjorno
All rights reserved.